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You’ve beaten the obstacles and found a way to work at home, whether by finding a job or starting a home business. But is your work getting in the way of time with your family?

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When you have crows feet, every smile makes you self conscious. Here are some tips on how to reduce their appearance – so you can smile happily again!

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Being a single parent is a challenge, but just as with any type of parenting, the rewards are numerous. All parenting has its challenges, but single parents face a unique set of circumstances that takes special navigation. With a little planning, you can make these challenges less intimidating..

Fatherless Day

Father’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate the men in our lives who deserve applause and honor. For a family without a father, however, it can be very painful and is a yearly reminder of the loss already experienced by them..

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Many amazing adult children of single parent homes have proven this myth as untrue. So what can you as a single parent do to ensure that your children will be one of the success stories?

Motherless Day

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Platonic parenting – what is it and how does it work? This may be a new term, but it has certainly soared in popularity in recent years. Here is an overview of platonic parenting, and how to decide if it may be the right way of parenting for you and your family..