Kid’s Networking: Inspire Your Child through Connections thumbnail

As your child grows and reaches for new inspirations in their life, there will be one crucial skill that they will need to learn. This skill will maximize their potential in every area, and bring them opportunities that no education is able to. This skill is networking..

Teaching Your Child How to Pursue Their Interests thumbnail

All children have interests, and most will go through many during their childhood. As parents, it may seem to us at times that our child cannot settle on any particular interest, and flies through various phases constantly. This is completely normal for children, and it should not only be tolerated but encouraged..

How to Save Money on Extracurricular School Activities thumbnail

Keeping busy and learning new things will be a large part of your child’s self-discovery. There will be many activities to try—but the cost adds up very quickly. Here are a few tips to help you save money on extracurricular pursuits for your child..

Children’s Playtime: Discover Hidden Gifts through Play thumbnail

One of the best ways your child can grow to become a unique individual is through playtime. When your child creates, explores and finds their own adventures, it will be some of the greatest times they experience, and you will find hidden gifts in each of your children..

How to Help Your Child Discover Who They Truly Are thumbnail

As your child grows and discovers who they are, it will be one of the most important experiences of their life. Discovering yourself and all that lies within you is something that is complicated, even for adults. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your child grows, learns, and becomes a successful, self-aware adult..

Happy Hols

If you are like me, I look forward to the latter part of the calendar year with both anticipation and dread. “Happy Holidays” really has taken on new meaning these days. In this article you will learn how to have happier, stress free holidays with your family and loved ones..

Divorce and children’s behavior

Divorce is an emotional, psychological, physical and often spiritual trial. The same goes for your child. Even though they may be young or not aware of the intimate details of the marriage issues, they are affected by the fallout. Here are some of the ways your divorce may effect the behavior of your child, and what you can do about it.

4 Ways to Be Your Child’s Role Model thumbnail

Children put their parents on pedestals. You are the first person who influences them for good or bad. They love, trust and seek your approval throughout their lives. You are the person they most want to impress. The gravity of this role can crush a parent…or a child. Here’s what it means to be a role model for your young ones.

Helping to Cope with the Loss of a Child thumbnail

How many of us have ever imagined what the worst thing possible would be to happen in our lives? Far too many people can tell you that that something is the loss of a child. Just the thought can bring chills, disbelief and numbness. The pain of such a loss is devastating and overwhelming.

Get a Life Just Like Your Teen! thumbnail

Have you ever heard someone say, “Get a life”? Most often it means “stay out of my business,” but in a more condescending way. But, maybe it is good advice for those parents who have invested a great deal emotionally into their children. The teen years are where this fact is most apparent..