How to Pump Up a Flat Butt: 8 Exercises for Getting Your Bottom in Shape

One thing awesome about your butt is that even if it’s small or flat it can be improved. You can reduce the fat on your butt and then build the muscle back on to make the appearance look better.

Here are my favorite exercises for pumping up a flat bottom.

1) Yoga

You’ve likely heard of the phenomena of the “yoga bootie”. It’s more than likely you have a Yoga studio nearby. Even if you don’t, some smart TVs actually have free Yoga TV where you can watch and participate in the exercises. Look for moves that help firm up the bootie and keep the bottom tight and lifted.

2) Pilates

One thing that Pilates teaches is how important all the muscles in your rear end are. There are three muscles that form your buttocks – the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Having weak buttocks can cause problems in other areas of the body such as the lower back, the leg muscles, and more.

3) Resistance Exercises

At the gym you can use machines to help you do weight-resistant exercises that can help you build butt muscles. Try dumbbell squats, lunges, hip extensions and any type of squats to work the muscles in your bottom.

4) Eat Right

Any type of exercise cannot be complete without a change in diet. It’s really simple, though – just eat as close to nature as possible, avoiding processed food. You do not need to add potions and powders to your diet to build your bottom and improve it from its current flat state. Plant-based sources of protein in beans and veggies assimilate better than any other source so if you’re eating enough calories and sticking close to nature, you’re going to experience better results.

5) Stay Hydrated

Adding more exercise to your day always mean that you need to ensure that you stay hydrated. But, did you know that you don’t have to overdo it? If you’re eating a high plant-based diet, full of raw veggies and fruit, you don’t need to drink nearly as much water as you might think. Drink when you are thirsty and drink during and before your workouts at a normal pace, and you will be fine.

6) Dance

One of the best exercises for your bootie is dancing. Get out of the house and go dancing. Join a salsa dance class and have fun during your workout. Your butt will get a workout, and so will your social life.

7) Walk

It seems like the easiest thing on earth to do, and for most people it is. Try getting in at least ten thousand steps a day. Walking naturally works your bottom and it will gain muscle as you eat right, work out, and walk. Lift your legs up high, squeeze your butt tightly and march your way to a nicer butt.

8) Planking

It’s a craze that won’t go away. You can look up pictures of people doing planks, but did you know that it’s also a great way to get in exercise for your butt? You can do a plank with a leg lift for added benefits.

To plank you’ll need to have control over your muscles all over your body. Balance yourself on your lower arms, and the top of your toes, laying straight out. Tighten every part of your body. It’s kind of like the push-up position, but you do not move up and down. You just keep the tightness in your body for as long as you can.

On a side note, did you know that you were not physically meant to sit on your bottom all the time? Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your back, your bottom, and your health. Working out to build your butt muscles up so that your butt doesn’t look so flat will actually help with other aspects of your body, including leg pain and lower back pain. It will also increase overall circulation and help you not only look good in your jeans, but feel good too.

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