How to Avoid Distractions in the Homeschooling Environment

In many ways, homeschooling provides an environment that can be helpful in avoiding distractions. However, every setting has the potential for distraction and homeschooling is no exception. Being at home for school simply brings a different set of distractions to the table than a child would face at a public or private school. How can you avoid these distractions if possible, and learn to focus despite them?

Younger Siblings

One of the benefits of homeschooling is being able to spend more time with younger siblings during the daytime. One of the drawbacks is being distracted by those lovable younger children. It can be extremely difficult to focus on schoolwork when there is a toddler yelling repeatedly in the background, or demanding that their older sibling play with them or pay them undivided attention.

If this tends to be a distraction in your home, find something for younger siblings to engage in while schoolwork is going on. Save your toddler’s or preschooler’s toys solely for school time. Have them burn off some energy with active play in the morning so that they will be more likely to sit still later on. This will buy you some quieter moments with your school-age children. Schedule intense subjects during your baby’s nap time.

Unwelcome Sounds

If you find too many unwelcome sounds in your environment, see if there are any that can be removed. If not, remove your students from the noise. If they are old enough to do independent bookwork, give them their own quiet area to do their studies and check in on them from time to time.

Enticing Weather

When it simply looks too beautiful outdoors to focus on schoolwork, why not combine the best of both worlds? Grab your books and supplies and head outdoors for some fresh air while studying. If you are still being distracted, maybe you need to just give in, declare a recess, and take a break for some outdoor play before returning to studies.


If your child is constantly getting up from their seat in order to check out what’s in the fridge or cupboards, perhaps they are hungry. It can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to focus on school when ones’ stomach is growling. If you want your child to be able to grab a quick, healthy snack, leave several options on a particular shelf in the fridge or pantry. This will allow your child to satisfy their hunger quickly without wasting too much time exploring what’s available.

Unprepared Teacher

Sadly, we can be at the root of our child’s distraction at times. If you begin the day unprepared, your child may end up wasting time waiting for you to get your lesson plans together instead of being able to jump in with enthusiasm. If this describes you, consider taking more time the previous evening or weekend, and prepare your lessons ahead of time. This will allow you to begin school promptly and keep your child from becoming frustrated with constant waiting.

Homeschooling can be the answer to ridding one’s study time of distractions. If the past has shown it to be the opposite in your home, it is time to change. Pinpoint the distractions in your school day and use these ideas to remove them once and for all.

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