How to Get a Man’s Attention: 8 Things to Say to Keep Him Stuck on You

We all want our boyfriend or husband to really hear what we say. It’s far too common to get caught up in miscommunication and eventually tune each other out. A relationship cannot grow when either party has stopped listening. What things can you say to encourage the man in your life to hear you?

Here are 8 ways to get a man’s attention.

love words for men

1. “I enjoy being with you”

In a relationship, both parties can begin to feel taken for granted every now and then. When your man is feeling unsure of himself, let him know you enjoy spending time with him and being in a relationship with him. It never hurts to reassure your partner of your affection.

2. “I agree with you”

Who doesn’t love to hear that they are right? When your partner makes a decision or comes to a way of thinking that you agree with, let him know. This can be a confidence booster, because even the men who seem the most confident falter in their decisions at times. It is a great encouragement for him to hear that you agree with what he is thinking on an issue.

3. “You’re a hard worker”

Many men get a great sense of accomplishment from working hard and putting their best effort into their job or hobbies. When one has been working hard and sacrificing for a good outcome, it’s nice to receive a proverbial pat on the back. Compliment your partner on his great work ethic and make a positive difference in his day.

4. “You should relax and rest”

Now that you have noticed and mentioned to your man what a hard worker he is, encourage him to take some time off. When a man is dedicated to his job or providing for his family, he often takes this to the extreme. He may need a gentle reminder to take some time off and relax, and he will definitely thank you for it when he does.

5. “I’m proud of you”

Every man longs for respect. In a healthy relationship, both parties have a deep respect for each other. It’s not easy living life without recognition for your efforts. It can make all the difference to hear your partner say they are proud of you. Brighten your man’s day and let him know just how proud you are.

6. “I’m attracted to you”

Any relationship can get stale or boring after a while. Whether you have been dating for a short or long time, let your partner know you are still very much attracted to him. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a couple in your 20s or your 80s. Nothing will get your guy’s attention and give him an instant boost of self-esteem like hearing you say you think he’s still hot.

7. “Thank you”

When someone has made sacrifices in a relationship, the best reward is a “thank you” from the one you made those sacrifices for. When your partner has gone the extra mile, let him know how deeply you appreciate his care.

8. “I love you”

Sometimes these words become routine and seem to lose the deep feeling behind them, but it is important for your guy to know that you love him. Catch him at an unexpected moment and say these words. Never underestimate their power.

No matter how long you have been in your relationship, there are some words that are sure to get the attention of the man in your life. Choose a phrase and communicate your feelings to your partner. A few words can go a long way.

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