Moms: How to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

Some moms seem naturally wired to appreciate and enjoy the “little things in life.” Sometimes, though, that kind of craving can leave you feeling pretty discontent.

Maybe you’re not one of them. Maybe it’s hard for you to find pleasure in small things, and you crave something bigger and more exciting. For moms, it can be especially challenging to find enjoyment in little things.

Here are some tips and ideas for enjoying the small things.

1. Recognize Their Importance

You may not realize how important the small things actually are. The truth is, just about every “big and exciting thing” had to have a series of small steps leading up to it to make it happen. This is true whether you’re talking about making a goal in a football game, building a dream house, or succeeding in your career. Little things are like the nuts and bolts and bricks that can be used to build something grand.

Sometimes, though, the little things are just wonderful in and of themselves, even if they are not part of some grandiose plan. That’s a key to enjoying them too!

The small things

2. Look for Them

Try putting on your “small things”-colored glasses. This may take some practice, but it can be done. Every day, try to look for small things like a child looks for bugs or flowers in the grass. Pay attention to sights, sounds, colors…a helpful hint is to try viewing the world through your children’s eyes. Everything is thrilling when you’re a little child!

3. If You Can’t Find Them, Create Them

Having trouble finding these little things to enjoy? Why not create some! Here are some little things you can employ when you need to find some contentment:

  • Fix everyone a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Make a face on the top of each cup with chocolate syrup
  • Introduce your kids to something new to them, like mixing baking soda and vinegar, or filling glasses with various levels of water to make chimes
  • Go outside and choose a subject to draw. You can do this inside, too – everyone draw the cat, or a houseplant, or the coffee table
  • Make bird feeders out of pine cones smeared with peanut butter and rolled in seed. Watch the birds come together
  • Put on a new pair of pajamas or a pair you haven’t worn in a long time. Enjoy the feeling!

Getting the picture? The small, enjoyable things are all around us. Find them and let them make you happy!

Photo by digital cat

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