Top Ten Mascara Do’s and Don’ts

Are you tired of everyone else having long, beautiful eyelashes while yours look like throwbacks from the Tammy Faye era? The secret to having long, luxurious Diane Kruger lashes is all in the mascara application.

That’s right, clumpy lashes are completely avoidable! If you want long and lush lashes and a sexy, chic look that brightens your eyes instead of weighing them down with clumps of mascara, the following do’s and don’ts will get you there.


1. Blot it! Clumpy lashes are the result of applying too much product. Blotting the mascara wand to remove excess product helps reduce the chances of clumping between coats. A light touch and an eyelash comb or brush used after mascara has dried will help fluff the lashes and remove excess product, giving the appearance of a thick luscious hood of lashes to frame the eye.

2. Clean it! For the love of all that is good in this world, wash your mascara wand regularly. Mascara clumps when it sits too long between uses. To reduce the chances of this occurring, wash your mascara wand with eye makeup remover and dry it gently with a clean lint free cloth. It’s also recommended that you replace your mascara every 3 to 6 months to keep it from drying out, getting rancid or clumpy.

3. Wet it! Moisten lashes with a clean, wet brush prior to applying mascara. This will allow the mascara to go on more smoothly and evenly. Remember to always apply the product starting at the lash base and working outward to the ends of the lashes.

4. Wiggle it! When applying mascara, wiggle the wand back and forth in a sawing motion while lightly sweeping the wand in an upward stroke. This will help separate the lashes and remove any clumps. If your mascara brand sports a straight brush try bending it slightly like you see with curved wands. Curved brushes mold more naturally to your lashes for better application.

5. Layer it! Most people apply just one or two coats of mascara to lashes; however, many people may actually need three or four layers to get a good look. If you have short, thin lashes, try mixing mascaras. First apply a layer of mascara meant to lengthen lashes. Then add a layer of mascara meant for thickening the lash.


1. Pump. You’re applying mascara, not airing up a bike tire. Don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube. It does not coat the wand with mascara any better and only causes the product to dry out faster by introducing air to the container.

2. Post-curl. Once you have applied your mascara, don’t use a lash curler. It can damage your lashes and cause them to clump together.

3. Over apply. If you need a few coats of mascara to produce dramatic eyes, that’s fine. However, be sure you aren’t over-applying. Too much mascara will leave you looking like you’ve used tar on your eyes. If you simply cannot seem to get the desired length or thickness you are seeking with your current mascara, try a different brand.

4. Add water (or other ingredients). Adding water, oil or any other ingredients to extend the life of your mascara can cause infection and decrease the color intensity and overall performance of the product. Mascara is inexpensive so just buy a new tube.

5. Don’t wear waterproof mascara daily. Removing waterproof mascara, even with a makeup remover product, still requires a lot of rubbing and pulling which can damage lashes and the soft tissue around the eyes.

There you have it ladies! The secret to obtaining long, luxurious lashes that will highlight your eyes.

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