10 Fun Original Activities for Family Bonding

The digital era has brought humanity amazing things but has also negatively impacted on family life.

People have so much to entertain them, television, video games, YouTube, social media platforms, and many more. Although communication between people in different geographical locations has become easier and more improved in terms of quality, costs, and coverage, those who are in the same geographical locations, same room even, have little or no time to talk to each other and improve on relationships.

In all honesty, technology cannot entirely take the blame. Even with families that do not have access to the “benefits” of digitalization, family bonding is lacking. Apart from bringing a family closer together in entertaining ways, family bonding time helps learn about each other more. It can also relieve stress and make it easier to relate to each other.

Where family bonds are strong, the life journey becomes easier to walk. “Family gives you the roots to stand tall and strong.” Below are some games a family can enjoy while they improve on their relationships. However, it would work better if families come up with activities that suit their needs.

  1. Family competitions

These do not need to be limited to cooking and baking. The family can come up with more competitions that can help each family member learn how to take care of certain responsibilities. It can include things like changing lights. Quarterly awards can be given to anyone who collects more points as a part of a team or as individuals in a quarter, for example.

  1. Playing games

These can include word puzzles, cards, or games that can help the family stay physically fit. Ask your children to teach you how to play their video games and teach them new tricks, too if you know any. It is good to sometimes play video games with your children before giving them the command to get off their screen. Knowing that you love them enough to come down to their level instead of always complaining about what they do will help them take on other responsibilities given to them. However, all the rules and boundaries must still be adhered to.

  1. Camping

Family camping for a night or two can take place either away from home or in the backyard. The family can go shopping together for this activity. Some of the requirements are tents and/or sleeping bags. If the area is infected with bugs, it is advisable to get repellants and sprays too. You can even plan a meal suitable for camping, a braai is one of the simplest things to put together. The family can then decide on additional activities to do inside or outside the tents before they sleep. These may include storytelling, music, sharing jokes, and more.

  1. Working out

The family can choose simple exercises they can do together as a family. It is important to choose something everyone will enjoy.

  1. Learn a new skill or hobby together

The family can choose to take a class to play various music classes, especially those that can be useful when they decide to spend musical time together and form a family band. They can also learn how to bake each person’s favorite cakes or take arts and crafts classes.

  1. Go on a family hike

The family can go to a place where they will enjoy the beauty of nature and also have a beautiful place for a picnic or a nearby they can visit afterward. Hikes can be difficult for others. For everyone to enjoy it, it should be more about helping each other along the way and finishing together.

  1. Having a family dinner or breakfast daily

Where possible, allow everyone to take part in preparing a meal or have an input in choosing what to eat, especially on a weekend. Preparing dinner together makes cooking enjoyable and easier.

  1. Create a family tree

Families are busy and do not often meet. It gets easier, especially for the children, to forget who is who, and how they are related to them. Having a big board, pictures, print, pencils, and magic markers can help the children enjoy family time while learning about other family members.

  1. Plant a garden

Doing some things alone makes them hard, but when done by a team, they feel different. They feel more like hobbies than chores. Planting a garden is something beautiful a family can enjoy together. Where most foods are now genetically modified, many families now prefer to have their garden where they can grow some vegetables and enjoy them without having to worry about their health.

  1. Volunteer for a local cause

This is one of the best ways to teach children values. You can choose to volunteer as a family to help the underprivileged. The family can choose to do this on a whole day’s family outing, where they can go out and help the needy in the morning, have breakfast at some local eating place, then go home to rest and prepare for the night out.

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