Four Summertime Reading Ideas for Kids

Typically, any child about to finish their school year will be thinking thoughts of sleeping in, the beach, and then some more sleeping in. Reading is not on their mind. However, as a parent, if you plan early enough and let them know that they will continue reading as a form of fun, reading should not become too much of a chore.

Of course, the more creative you are with your children in getting them to read, the smoother this endeavor will become for both you and your child.

Have them read about your vacation destination. If you are traveling to a new destination or even to an old, familiar one, have your child do some research on the area. Get some books out of the library and have them fully participate in the history and culture of that area. Perhaps use this as an incentive to get them to read – have them pick a historical site or activity that they are interested in seeing.

Encourage your child to go on a reading adventure. Have them tie in their favorite type of adventure book with things to do over the summer. For example, if pirates are their favorite adventure to read about, have your child live a pirate’s summer. Incorporate places that you eat, amusement parks that you visit, travel plans, and museums with that pirate theme. In this manner, children can get to read about their favorite adventures and live them, as well.

Keep an eye out for the weather. If there is a nice summer storm heading your way, plan ahead. Make it fun. Go to the library, grab books on different subjects, and have your child make up some invites. Invite some of your children’s friends over for a sleepover, have them build good old-fashioned tents out of sheets and blankets, go underneath with flashlights, and read. Incorporate a craft to go along with the books they are reading or even have a contest for whoever can recreate what they read as a storyteller.

Have a reading picnic. Invite one or two of your child’s favorite friends for a picnic. Make a deal that after their picnic and playtime is over, they need to spend an hour quietly reading on the blanket and then you will treat them to an ice cream sundae!

There are many creative ways to get your child to read. As long as you do not make it appear as though it is homework or a chore, they should be more than willing to cooperate. If you let them participate and choose how they want to incorporate reading into their summer without dictating, things should go smoothly.


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