How to Avoid Socialization Problems When Homeschooling

Homeschooling has a false and unfortunate reputation of students who lack socialization. Although homeschooled children may be home with their parents most of the day, there is no shortage for opportunities to get out and meet new people. In fact, children who are homeschooled often have very busy after-school lives. This is due to the fact that they tend to save time on daily transport to and from school, as well as all the wait time between classes, etc.

It is of great benefit for all children to become involved in extracurricular activities where they will meet new friends and have time to be active with children besides their own siblings. Homeschoolers are no exception. Where can you get your homeschooled child involved so they can have this opportunity, as well as avoid the unfair accusation of being poorly socialized?


Is your child thirsty for new adventures and experiences? If so, Scouts may be the place for him (or her). Meeting on a regular basis, scouts learn all kinds of things such as arts, hobbies, and survival skills. Scouts even plan longer activities such as camping trips where children can have bonding experiences and form strong friendships.


The YMCA is a great place for children who need some activity in their lives. Depending on the location, the YMCA offers a variety of activities such as swimming, sports classes, open gym time, and even leadership skills training. This can be a lifesaver for a child who wants to meet new friends who they can get together with on a weekly basis. Contact your local YMCA to find out what they have to offer your homeschooled child.

Local Sports

Most communities have a selection of sports. These can range from serious competitive teams to those of the recreational level. Joining community sports can give your child the opportunity to develop the ability to learn about teamwork. The children they meet will have a variety of backgrounds and personalities. It is an excellent way to find new friends that live close by.

School Board

Every state is different as to how they require homeschoolers to register. If your area is one that requires that you to sign up under a school board, check further to see what the board offers to your child. You may be surprised to learn that in some places, homeschoolers can join even their public school boards for things like sports teams, science class, or field trips.

Homeschool Support Group

If you are part of a local homeschool support group, find out if they arrange get-togethers or field trips for the families in their group. Often times it is a painless process to join a local support group in order to bring new options for socialization into your child’s life.

If the support group you are part of fails to offer enough activities, suggest some yourself. Some support groups may even be willing to allow you to advertise among their members if you are looking for friends to join you on a field trip you have organized.

Homeschooling need not exclude new people from joining your child’s circle of friends. There are amazing opportunities to get out and explore the world and meet new people who will enrich your child’s lives. Get out and join some of these groups and enjoy all the new people and rich experiences they have to offer your child in their homeschool experience.

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