Kid’s Networking: Inspire Your Child through Connections

As your child grows and reaches for new inspirations in their life, there will be one crucial skill that they will need to learn. This skill will maximize their potential in every area, and bring them opportunities that no education is able to. This skill is networking, and it is your responsibility as a parent to teach this crucial skill to your child. How do you do that when it is something that is not often formally taught?

Common Courtesies

There is no better place to begin building your child’s networking skills than by starting with areas such as their manners. Extending common courtesies to all other people is the best way to establish friendships that will last, and to keep those friendships remaining strong.

Teach your child to treat everyone with dignity. Not only is it the right thing to do, but you never know where an important connection might take place. Perhaps the cashier your child starts a conversation with is involved in something that your child will enjoy and eventually become successful at. You never know where your next client or connection will come from, so treat every person as though they are important.

Simple Tricks That Help

Children networking

There are a few simple tricks that can help an individual who is attempting to grow in the area of networking. For example, everyone loves a person who remembers their name. But how can you remember names for each person you meet?

There is a game you can teach yourself where you will hear a name, repeat it in your head, and attach a silly comparison to it that begins with the same letter. For example, you meet a man named Tim who works at a bakery. You then picture him as “Tiny Tim” holding a loaf of bread. There is a fun game for every person you meet if you only think long enough. Use your creativity and you will have no problems.

The Power of Personality

We all have different personalities, and some of us are more prone to networking than others. However, all of us can make small changes that will make us more approachable and help us to build connections. The first and best way to make a small change is by simply deciding to smile more. Have your child make a point of saying “hello” to every person they pass, and have them introduce themselves to at least three people in the room every time they enter a new group of people.

Learn Where to Find Connections

Teach your child to find the connections they need. Whether that is by asking at their local place of worship, questioning friends, or doing an internet search to find local groups, teach them how to look. This will make it possible for them to look for connections when you are no longer around all the time to help.

Your child is growing into their own person, with their own life to live. Make this an easier process by giving them the lifelong important skill of networking. Building connections is one of the most important things they can do to ensure a successful future.

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