How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

It is nice to gather the family up and get your photos done professionally. It’s also nice to know how to take great photos of your kids by yourself. Children grow fast, and it is precious to catch memories from each and every one of their stages.

With a wide variety of beautiful cameras now available and affordable, you can learn to get a good photo without hiring a professional on a regular basis. Here’s how.

The Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to a good photograph. Choose a time when your child has been fed and is well rested. If your child is cranky, ill, or hungry, then fix the situation and try again later.

Don’t Confine Them

It’s alright to start out with a specific location in mind, but don’t keep your child confined to a set area. A photo shoot is more fun for the child when they can roam and find spaces that interest them. It also makes for more interesting photos.

Let Them Play

Make the photo session fun for your child. Create a situation that they look back on with happiness. Make it so fun that they don’t even realize the purpose is to take photos. When your child is having a good time, their personality will shine through, and you are much more likely to get natural expressions.

Not Too Cheesy

The one thing most parents need to drop from their basket of photo tricks, is asking their child to say “cheese”. This word generally forces a stiff, unnatural smile from children. If you are looking for photos that reflect your child’s true self, engage with them in a way that makes them smile, instead of demanding that they force a smile on their own.

Think of what makes your child smile naturally in real life. Does she love silly jokes, or feel joyful when talking about her favorite cartoon character? Then talk to her about these things while snapping photos, and watch her energy come alive.

Capture All Expressions

Smiles are beautiful, but on a child, all facial expressions are lovely. Maybe your child is intensely studying an insect crawling on his hand, or has the best pout of all time. You will want to remember these moments too, so take photos of a wide variety of facial expressions.

Get Down to Their Level

Taking a photograph of a child from your level is acceptable in small amounts. But a great way to get a stunning photograph is to get down to your child’s eye level right before taking a photo. This creates a new perspective, and makes the photograph appear more personal.

Use Natural Light

Natural light truly sets a beautiful photograph apart from the rest. On-camera flash can be too direct and harsh. If possible, find a large window, or go outdoors. Although one might assume that bold sunlight makes for well-lit photos, it produces harsh shadows and contrasts. The best days for taking photographs are overcast, as this produces a nice, even light.

Focus on the Eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. The rest of the photo can be out of focus for a nice effect, but be sure to keep your child’s eyes in focus. This will guarantee a sharp image that looks more professional.

Taking photos of children is very manageable if you know the right way to do it. Follow these steps to create a beautiful and memorable photo of your child.

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