3 Careers in Health You Can Have Without a Degree

Everyone and anyone knows what is happening in our country in regard to obtaining a degree, and more importantly how many unfortunate college students are facing long-term debt with little or no work found.

One of the best things to do in today’s day and age is to be untraditional and unconventional. If the thought of six years of school to obtain a nursing degree or a degree in any other health-related field frightens you, then coaching might just have your name all over it.

Here are three types of health-related coaching careers you can choose.

Nutrition Coach

A nutrition coach will sit with an individual and discuss their overall needs. If a client has medical conditions, a nutrition coach will guide the client as to what foods he or she can add into a diet plan and what foods must come out in order to reach optimal health goals.

Thereafter a nutrition coach will make up a meal plan based on goals – whether it be weight loss, lowering blood pressure, or fatigue.

Afterwards, you will set up a meeting, perhaps once per week, to discuss your client’s success, failures, and anything in between. The coach will hold that individual accountable for his or her choices and guide them further along toward successfully reaching those goals.

Fitness Coach

A fitness coach will work with a client in much the same way as a nutrition coach; however, a fitness coach is responsible for that individual’s overall physical fitness rather than what they put in their body.

A fitness coach will sit with that client and ask about personal goals. They will discuss levels of exercise and the various methods to achieve those goals – whether it be to drop some weight, maintain some weight, or to achieve an overall sense of wellbeing as a client ages.

Again, a fitness coach will most definitely hold their client accountable.

Wellness Coach

A wellness coach may address all areas of wellbeing including physical fitness and nutrition but also mind, body, spirit connections. A wellness coach is concerned with all avenues of an individual’s wellbeing.

Subjects such as yoga and meditation are covered under the guidance of a wellness coach as well.

For all types of coaching, a degree is not necessary. Training in your niche is all that is required. Coaching saves time and money and allows you to be your own boss and help others along the way, too.

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