7 Apps and Online Programs That Can Save You Precious Time

Ask anyone you know and they will say that saving time is equally as important as saving money. However, sometimes saving time is something that requires a little app or an online program to make it worth its while.

Not everyone is technologically advanced, but technology can be your friend if you learn how to use it and learn how to trust it. While some programs may not be right for you or for your needs, other programs will make you wonder how you made it this far without them.

For Images

Picasa is a great way to save and organize your images. Almost everyone has a need to organize their images, and Picasa lets you view, organize, and edit your images in no time flat.

PicPick is a superb gadget to organize your digital pictures. PicPick has a full view screen capture, color picker and palette and a pixel ruler – just to name a few of its features. With its innovative image editor, PicPick is a great pick for gadgets that save you time.

Gimp is another great online tool for saving time. With Gimp you can retouch photos or use it for simple paint processes. Image format converting and image composition are other features making it a useful, creative, and time-saving bonus.

Paint is a free graphics painting resource, which usually comes with your personal computer. If you have never used it before, it is a good idea to take the tutorial and learn how to use this creative tool.

For Programming Languages and the Written Word

Notepad Plus is a great editorial tool for many programming languages and other scripting language.

Open Office is similar to other well-known popular word processing programs. It also offers PowerPoint and Excel and is free of charge. There is no need for expensive programs of license and agreements with Open Office.

Phase Expresss is a superb way of taking shortcuts when typing. It is similar to using macros in that you can type a certain set of keywords for repetitive words or phrases and Phase Express will automatically set up the text.

There are many more apps and online programs to make your life easier and speedier. These are just a few of the top apps  that can save you time. After all, isn’t saving time what technology is all about?

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