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Can Your Self-Esteem Be Too High?

It is generally thought that the more self-esteem a person has, the better it is for them. The world contains plenty of people whose self-esteem appears very high. This causes us to question whether there can be too much of a good thing in this respect. Is self-esteem always a good and positive thing? Is there ever a time when there can be too much?


Low self-esteem is something that can destroy a person’s quality of life. Feeling down about your life will lead you even further down, and hold you back from relationships that could enrich your life. On the other hand, when someone thinks more highly of themself than they should, it can be perceived as arrogance. This will draw people away from building friendships with the person in question, which can lead to the same road of a lack of positive relationships.

The key is finding a healthy balance between the two extremes, and to love yourself as well as displaying humility. It is in between these two that a person finds balance and can make peace within their life as well as with the rest of the world. Balance is a necessary quality in all aspects of life, and this one is no exception.

Compare Your Thoughts with the Thoughts of Others

Although we needn’t worry constantly about the opinions of others, it can be a good exercise to take note of what others are saying. There may be a recurring theme in your life and in what your friends and family think about you. Take a few minutes and question whether there is any value and truth in their words.

If your opinion of yourself is higher than the opinion of those who know you, you may have inflated self-esteem. If what you think of yourself is more on target with what others think, then you probably have found the right amount of self-esteem.

Healthy High Self-Esteem

Although things can get out of balance at times in any area of life, there are certain truths we should know about ourselves. There is no way for you to value yourself too much. There are things you need to remember no matter what the circumstances.
You are valuable. You are worthy of being loved. You are unique. Your life holds amazing potential. You can do great things when you put in the effort. Never allow a fear of inflated self-esteem keep you from living with the realization of these truths.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There are some questions a person can ask themselves when pondering whether their self-esteem may be too high. These include:

* Do I think significantly more of myself than others do?
* Do I treat others with the same respect and care that I do for myself?
* Do I have an attitude of entitlement?
* Do I ever over-exaggerate my accomplishments in order to impress people?
* Can I take constructive criticism from others?

Self-esteem is an important piece of the puzzle of your life. When there’s not enough, it is harmful. When there is too much, it can hold you back in other ways. Take inventory on your self-esteem today and find out whether yours is in a healthy balance.

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