How to Choose a Sun Hat for Style and Protection

If you want to enjoy the sun and warm weather year after year, then you’ll have to take care to not get too much of it – sun, we mean. Besides SPF, you can accessorize to protect your skin and look radiant at the same time. Try a sun hat.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose the perfect sun hat this summer season.

Grandmother’s Hats

Everything old is new again. That includes sun hats. The name of the game with sun hats is that they provide coverage. But, they also have to look fashionable so that people take notice of you for your style and not just because you are wearing a floppy hat.

Go big or go home – The wider the brim, the better for you. These hats make a statement without saying a word. Choose bold stripes in the brightest colors of the season. The retro look is in right now. Alternating blue and white stripes with nautical accents would be perfect for a ride across the lake in your favorite water craft.

The tropical look – Your grandmother may have worn it in the garden, but you can sport this tropical wide brim sun hat at the beach or when relaxing with friends on a warm summer day. Stay cool with a colorful tropical print on a white background.

Straw Is In

Straw hats make great sun hats and they come in a variety of styles.

Simple and feminine – A wide brim straw hat says Southern belle. Add a stripe of hot pink or other neon color to the brim and your look will pop. Accentuate the color with a ribbon around the middle of the same color as the brim. Pair it with a cotton sundress or mini dress.

Western straw hat – Go for the cowboy vibe with a Western-style straw hat. Get that south-western feel at any time with this hat. Accent it with a turquoise string of beads around the main section of the hat, or a patterned ribbon. Straw is cool and goes well with jeans, a high-low skirt, t-shirts or anything else in your wardrobe.

Steal His Hat

Fedora – They used to be just for men, but look sexier on a woman. Top off your style with a straw fedora adorned with a colorful band. Wear it straight or cocked to the side for a flirtier look. Just like your Western straw hat, it goes with just about anything in your wardrobe for summer.

Military cap – All sun hats don’t have to be sunny. Military caps have a short brim that will keep the sun out of your eyes and off your scalp, and the buckle makes it more stylish and sexy.

Bushwick hat – This collapsible men’s hat looks much more chic on a woman. In fact, the more rumpled it looks, the better it will accentuate your wardrobe. It’s the ultimate wear and go hat for summer.

What will you be wearing to cover your flowing locks this summer?

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