Self Improvement

How to Evaluate Your Self-Esteem

A healthy self-esteem is important to a healthy life. The way we view ourselves and feel about ourselves affects every key area. Good self-esteem will bring you better physical, mental, and emotional health. It will also contribute to better relationships. When your self-esteem suffers, so do all these aspects.

Knowing how you function in this area is highly important, and something everyone should be in touch with. How can a person assess where they are at in regards to self-esteem?


A great way to start, which can also be fun, is to take a self-esteem questionnaire. There are many which can be found online. Preferably you would look for a reputable source, of which there are several. These can be a great tool to make oneself aware of potential issues in self-esteem.

General Emotional Health

Healthy self-esteem will neither inflate your ego, nor cause you to feel less than worthy. When you have good self-esteem, you will find that your emotional health is generally in good shape. You will have an overall sense of confidence and self-love, which will spread to every area of your life.

Inner Thoughts

What thoughts go through your mind on a daily or hourly basis? Do you feel positive things about where you are at in life, and who you are on the inside and outside? If, after making a mistake, you find yourself berating yourself and putting yourself down, your self-esteem may be low.

Being able to forgive yourself and try again after making a mistake is a good indication that this area of your life is likely in balance. Try to treat yourself with the fairness and patience that you treat others with. You deserve to feel worthy and to forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Feedback from Friends

Ask those in your inner circle where they would rate your self-esteem. Choose the closest friends who you can expect honesty from. The people who know you best, and have your best interest at heart, will be most likely to give you an honest evaluation. Ask them if they feel you have high or low self-esteem, and request that they add some thoughts on the subject.

Educate Yourself

Find a class by a motivational speaker, and go with an open mind. Go to the library or bookstore and choose a few books from the self-help section on the subject. Educate yourself about self-esteem and all the issues surrounding it. Make a point of reading the books and doing the self-evaluations and completing the suggested activities. You are worth the time it takes to get to know yourself and to make changes that will raise your self-esteem to a healthy level.

Self-esteem is crucial to one’s health in every area. It is wise to assess where yours is at, and to do so at regular intervals. Keeping check on one’s self-esteem allows a person to see what is going on inside, and to make necessary changes in order to stay on the road to emotional health, and a happy life.

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