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How to Find Peace of Mind with Simple Living

Desiring a life of simplicity is the first step in creating one. Although we may recognize the benefits and be determined to make it happen, it is still possible to feel stress when thinking about all that it entails. Maybe you are worried that this is one more thing in your life you are obligated to “do perfectly.” Perhaps you are feeling stress when thinking about giving up the extras in life that you enjoy and look forward to. How does one find peace with the decision to live simply?

Recognize the Benefits

When someone has chosen simple living as a lifestyle, the benefits are many. More time with loved ones, less financial waste, and decreased stress are a few things that come to mind. Simple living is not always the easy way out, though, so it helps if you can remember why you have chosen this life. Perhaps you have removed the television from your home and miss it. Remind yourself of all the time you now have to spend with your loved ones, as well as the health benefits from not being glued to it all day long.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Simple living is not a competition to see who can live the most sparsely. If you begin to compare the improvements you’ve made to your life to those of your friends, and feel stress because you don’t match up, you need to stop. Simple living is about creating an environment that works for you, and that is not going to look the same for everyone. Don’t try to cut back just to “one up” someone else.

Don’t Strive for Perfection

The benefits of simple living will be voided completely if you throw away your old worries simply to obsess about a new set of them. Don’t trade in your old stress for the stress of trying to be perfect at simplifying your life. Do what you can and be happy with the changes you make. Never beat yourself up for falling short of your lifestyle standard, as this defeats the whole purpose.

Remember Your Motivation

When you lose focus, find your way back to the beginning of your journey. What is it that you were truly seeking? What is it that you really want from simple living? Who is it that you really are that you are being true to? Ask yourself these questions every once in a while in order to stay focused on what you want the most.

Appreciate the Positives

This is a good rule no matter what kind of lifestyle you are leading. When you have chosen simple living, you have many things to be grateful for. Think about the positives.

The extra time to enjoy your loved ones, and the break from being bound by activities that take up your time and give nothing back to you are a good start. Think about how your health will begin to change for the better as you release the habits that are not serving you well. This will keep you focused on what you are gaining through simple living, and not what you feel you are missing out on.

Simple living brings health in many areas. It is not always easy to change one’s way of living, though, and it can be tough to give up daily practices that you have always taken part in. If you want to make changes and live more simply, you may find it difficult at first but you can do it. Take these steps and find peace with simple living today.

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