How to Save Money with Used Items

There are many things that you really should never ever buy used. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes buying used is just as good as buying something new. It might be even better. Aside from a cost standpoint you also might end up with something very unique when you buy used. Here are some items that are just as good when bought used as they are when they are bought new.

1. Tools – Unless you are a handyman or someone who needs specialized tools for your work, then buying used is a perfectly viable option. Actually, even a handyman might benefit from used tools that are in good shape and a good brand. A screwdriver really is just a screwdriver, and it doesn’t operate differently if it’s brand new or 100 years old. Not much has changed in regards to basic tools like hammers and screwdrivers.

2. Car – You can save a lot of money buying a used car. And if you get one that is only a couple of years old with low miles, there’s a good chance it will still be warrantied. You just aren’t losing much in most cases buying used, since not much changes from year to year on the makes and models of a particular car.

3. Books and other media – Remember when you were a starving college student and you had to buy textbooks for class? Everyone always went for the used ones first because it was a huge money savings. It was always a bummer when a professor changed a textbook for a class and you had no choice but to buy new from the student book store. Books are still great when purchased used, but so are music and movies and video games. Don’t pay full price if you don’t have to.

4. Fitness equipment – This isn’t stuff that goes out of style. Weights are weights and yoga mats are yoga mats. You can get just as much out of a used treadmill as a new one, but without all of the added expense.

5. Children’s clothes – Kids grow out of clothes so fast, especially babies. Buying them used will save you a lot of money. It’s even better when a generous friend or family member hands you a bag full of free clothes for your child.

6. Furniture – Many times buying used furniture can be just as great or even better than buying new. You can really feel free to make it uniquely yours because you haven’t spent a whole lot of money on it. And then there’s the history of used furniture, not to mention older furniture lasts much longer than the furniture you can get today.

7. Jewelry – Who needs the same manufactured over and over again jewelry? And who can afford custom-made jewelry? Getting used jewelry can be just as good if not better. You can get a much bigger diamond when you buy used for the same amount of money.

8. Designer bags – Why pay full price to have the latest and greatest Louis Vuitton when you can get something just as good for half the price? You can still say you have a Louis Vuitton after all.

These are all great things you can buy used that are just as good if not better than buying new. So what used items do you like just as much as if they were new?

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