Mood Music: What You Listen To Can Change the Way You Feel

Mood music

Music is an ancient form of human expression and as such is known for its almost magical powers.

It goes pretty deep, too – music has been shown to have profound effects on the human mind and emotions. What kind of music you choose to listen to can indicate and also influence your mood. Music can even help you cope with various difficulties.

How can you make the most of the music you listen to, and what types are associated with what moods?

Here is some insight into music and moods.

Classical Music

Many people thing “boring” when they think of classical music. But this genre, which is technically music composed during the Classical Period (approximately 1750-1825) and has also come to include many types of instrumental and symphonic music, has been shown in studies to be the most effective at promoting positive moods.

Empowerment, tension reduction, and enhanced creativity have all been associated with listening to classical music. Although popular belief holds that listening to classical music enhances intelligence, this is probably not the case. Instead, classical music may seem to make you more intelligent by providing an atmosphere that’s conducive to thinking.

Country Music

Interestingly enough, country music is often associated with sadness, depression, and even suicide. Studies have shown that the suicide rate is higher in urban areas where country music is played often on the radio. If you want to lift your mood, sources suggest staying away from country music!

Rap and Hip Hop

This genre has diverse results among listeners. In some people, rap and hip hop evoke angry, violent feelings, especially toward women. In others, the same music puts them in a happy mood, encouraging dancing and energetic movement. Still others find that rap and/or hip hop puts them in a relaxed mood. So if rap or hip hop makes you feel like dancing and you need a pick-me-up, go for it!

Tips for Listening to More Music

How can you get more music into your life? Here are some suggestions.

  • Set your alarm in the morning to play music.
  • When you take a bath or shower, see if you can play some relaxing music on a nearby CD player (just don’t get it wet!)
  • Keep a radio or CD player in the bathroom and turn it on when you are getting ready in the morning
  • A radio or CD player in the kitchen is a good idea, too
  • Get ear buds for your phone or invest in an iPod, and pop the buds in whenever you can
  • Download a playlist that fits your mood needs

Go out and listen to live music whenever you can. Many communities offer free live music at various events, from fairs and festivals to parades.

Listening to music really can lighten your mood!

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