20 Simple Makeup Tips and Tricks

Face it, humans are vain creatures. Looking good makes us feel better and more worthy. While most will never be fortunate enough to have a private makeup artist on hand to help enhance our beauty, all is not lost.

Luckily it’s really quite simple to give yourself a more polished look without needing a professional. Here are twenty tips to get you started.

1. When adding eyeliner, slightly wing the eyeliner up and out at the corner, just the tiniest bit. It will make you look more awake.

2. Opposites attract. If you are using heavy eye makeup then pair it with a nude or light lip cover, and vice versa.

3. Apply a little shimmer or white eyeliner to the Cupids bow – the indent on your upper lip – to instantly make your lips look larger.

4. If your powdered blush contains a shimmer, you don’t need to add extra highlighter to your cheeks.

5. Emphasize close-set eyes by applying makeup on the outer corners of the eyes. On the flip side, you can emphasize wide-set eyes by applying makeup to the inner corners.

6. Create larger looking lips by applying lip gloss in downward strokes. This will create a 3D effect.

7. To add contour, always use a matte face powder or eye shadow two shades darker than your skin. Pearl or shimmery types of powder or bronzer it will not work.

8. Give your face a ‘lift’ by applying blush in an upwards motion above the cheek bone, instead of on the apple.

9. Light pink or coral lipstick can be used as a base on the eyelid to warm up your eye shadow.

10. For a thinner looking nose, allow your eyebrows grow in closer together or pencil them in closer.

11. Create brighter eyes even when you’re tired by applying nude or white eyeliner.

12. Black eyeliner applied to the upper lash line will make your eyelashes look lusher.

13. Make your blush last longer by using a cream based color stick first. Then apply your favorite color blush to set it. This method will lock in the color for all-day stay.

14. Exfoliate your lips regularly else you may find your lipstick cracks or gets lumpy after only a short while. A simple blend of sugar and honey, a toothbrush with water or a soft bristle toothbrush and Vaseline will all do the trick.

15. Use foundation or tinted moisturizer only on the parts of your face that need covering up. If you use the right shade, typically one or two shades darker than your skin tone, people won’t notice that it isn’t applied all over.

16. To look younger fill in your eyebrows and make the arch less harsh. If you want to look older, do the opposite.

17. If heavy foundation is not your cup of tea, try mixing it with a little moisturizer for a sheer, dewy look.

18. Aloe Vera makes a great primer to foundation and will supply the skin with much needed nutrients.

19. To cover blemishes and pimples, use a concealer and apply it with a brush, using short quick motions. The brush bristles can reach in tight places where fingertips cannot.

20. When choosing foundations and tinted moisturizers, keep in mind that if you choose shades that are lighter than your natural skin tone, it will highlight all of your wrinkles. Tones that are one to two shades darker are almost always recommended.

There you go, girls – twenty simple, easy and inexpensive ways to look your best day and night.

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