5 Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Grade School Students

Making lunch for your grade school child can be tricky. Finding something he (or she) will eat that’s healthy and packs well is no easy task for sure. We have come up with five healthy lunches you can send your grade school student to school with that he’s going to love. And best of all, they are easy to make.

Five Healthy School Lunch Ideas

1. Sandwiches

Okay, we know – who wants sandwiches every day? And of course if it ends up soggy then your child isn’t going to eat it anyways. But as an occasional lunch idea this is something that is quick and easy. You can make a traditional PB&J in a pinch, or turkey breast from leftover dinner.

To keep the bread from getting soggy, create a barrier between the bread and the filling. A thin layer of butter or a piece of cheese between the bread and filling will do the trick. If you make tuna fish, then pack some crackers for your child to put some tuna fish on and eat that way instead of using bread.

2. Pinwheels

If you get creative and roll up your wraps and slice them to look like pinwheels they will be a lunchtime favorite. Simply spread a tortilla with some cream cheese and add some ham and lettuce on top. Roll the tortilla and seal in some plastic wrap and refrigerate until the cream cheese has hardened again. Then slice the sandwiches on an angle. Try this with different fillings and spreads on the wrap.

3. Lettuce wraps

Skip the bread in favor of some lettuce for a little twist on a wrap. Take a piece of Romaine lettuce and place a piece of cheese on the lettuce and one or two thin-sliced pieces of ham. Roll it up and you have a healthy lunch sans bread.

4. Salad

A garden salad might be an idea for some kids, but there are so many different kinds of salads you can make that your child will likely eat. A potato salad or a pasta salad are both healthy and easy options, especially if you make pasta or some potatoes for dinner the night before.

Make a little extra and use the leftover pasta or potato to make your pasta or potato salad. Allow to refrigerate and marinate in the flavors. To get a little protein you can add some of the meat from the night’s dinner to the pasta or potato salad as well.

5. Kebabs

Food on a stick is usually a winner with kids. Just take some leftover foods you have in the fridge and arrange them on a stick. Some ham chunks and melon balls and chunks of cheese on a stick make for a healthy lunch idea. Store them in a Tupperware container in your child’s lunchbox. There are so many combinations you can come up with to make this both tasty and appealing to kids, as well as healthy. And by using what you already have in your fridge it will be a quick lunch.

Most importantly remember to just mix it up. Having the same thing every day gets boring. So with a little variety your child will eat what you pack for lunch. Also, getting him involved in making his lunch will help ensure that he eats the healthy lunch you have made. What are your favorite lunchbox recipes for young children?

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