5 Summer Vacation Ideas for Teens

Trying to make the most of your summer vacation for children of any age is difficult sometimes. It can be even more challenging when your children are teens. However, it does not have to be that way. Finding creative ways to keep your teens busy, active, and safe is certainly an achievable goal.

Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work

There are many ways to put a teen to work and those do not always have to be traditional jobs outside the home.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is one of the best way to get teens active and paid. They will love earning the money and babysitting is easy enough (on some days). A great way to have teens earn money by babysitting is right in their own family. If you have a teen at home looking to make some extra money, why not pay him or her to watch over a younger sibling? This is a real win/win situation for both the parents and the teen.

2. Neighborhood Chores

Have your teen at the end of spring make up some flyers announcing that he or she is available for yard work, gardening, pool upkeep, or pet walking. Anything or everything that there is to do in the summer in your local neighborhood is perfect for a young healthy teen looking to earn some extra cash.

3. Be Studious

There is no better time for a high school student to be studious than over the summer.

Teenagers can catch up on studies that he or she may not have completely understood during the school year. This will provide them with an opportunity to get a head start or, more importantly, not fall behind for next school semester.

4. Tutoring

If a teenager is up to speed or even ahead of the game, a wonderful way to be studious and earn some extra cash is to tutor another child. Perhaps there is a neighbor child who needs to do better in math. Tutoring is an excellent way to fill both the needs of that student and the teen providing the service.

Group sessions are a great way for a teen to help other students learn a new area – and make some money as well. Group sessions provide a decent amount of money for an hourly lesson. No teen will turn down money, especially if it is in an area subject that he or she is well versed.

5. Get Behind the Wheel

Although many parents may not be ready to hear this, getting your teen behind the wheel over the summer may be a good start to their driving career.

Sign up for driving lessons – Have your teen enroll in a summer driving course.

Take some time out and teach your teen to drive yourself. This will save time and money.

There are many ways your teen can have a productive summer. Just plan ahead and make sure to enroll them in the ideas.

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