8 Steps to Glamorous Evening Eyes

Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, as the saying goes. They can speak volumes, so it is important to make them look their best. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 40 or even 80, there’s no reason you can’t have glamorous, evening eyes without a lot of work.

Get gorgeous peepers every time by following these eight steps.

Step 1: Prepare the lid for color

Add concealer to mask dark under-eye circles and imperfections. Apply 3 dots of concealer underneath each eye; at the inner corner, beneath the pupil and finally at the outer corner. Using the soft pad of your finger pat – never rub – the concealer gently on to the skin until it is blended.

Step 2: Add eye base

Eye base keeps your eye shadow in place longer than if you used concealer alone. Failing to use eye base allows eye shadow to crease and become greasy. If you need your peepers to stay beautiful all day, using eye base is a must. You can find eye base in the makeup section of most stores. Prices typically start at around $6 per tube.

Step 3: Apply liner

There are many choices for eye liner and most work well. If you have dark eye shadows on hand, it can double as eyeliner as well. Simply moisten a slanted brush. Dip into shadow and carefully, using very small controlled strokes, line as close to your upper lashes as possible, working from the inner corner outward. Lightly smudge with your finger, Q-tip, or clean cosmetic applicator. The same technique is used for lining the bottom of the eyes.

Step 4: Brush on eye shadow

It is typically recommended that you apply 3 complimentary tones for best results. Many brands of eye shadow come with three complimentary tones in one package.

Start by applying the lightest tone to the brow bone, working from the inner most point, outward. This shade should closely resemble your natural lid color. Next, we apply the medium tone to the lid only. Finally we will build (or cut) the crease with the darkest tone. After all three tones have been applied; use a shadow blending brush to blend the colors for a natural look.

Step 5: Make ‘em pop

Now it is time to bring your eyes to life using a highlighter to brighten your eyes. Using your lightest eye shadow, apply it to the inner corner of the eye where the upper and lower lids meet.

Step 6: Brighten the brow

Using the same light shade of eye shadow as in step 5, highlight your brow bone. You want to work from the middle of the brow bone outward. Use your finger or a brush to blend this area.

Step 7: Curl your lashes

Eyelash curlers are the greatest thing since peanut butter and sliced bread. If you don’t already own one, buy one. They make even the saddest lashes look amazing. There are countless types of curlers available, but a cheap one will work just as well as a more expensive version. For added curl, heat the lash under a hair dryer for a few seconds, apply the curler and hold until lash cools. Be extra careful not to overheat and burn the delicate lid.

Step 8: Apply mascara

Always use fresh mascara. Unless used often, mascara can get old and lumpy before it actually runs out. In addition, old mascara may contain bacteria that can cause eye infection. If in doubt, throw it out and start with a fresh tube.

Using a zigzag, back and forth motion, carefully apply mascara while working from the base upward to the tips of the lashes. The trick to fluffy lashes is to concentrate the deepest amount of color at the base of the lashes and allow your touch to grow lighter as you move towards the lash tips. This will fluff the lashes out. Follow up with an eyelash comb to remove any clumps.

Follow these simple steps to get traffic stopping glamorous eyes every time.

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