Children’s Playtime: Discover Hidden Gifts through Play


One of the best ways your child can grow to become a unique individual is through playtime. Many hidden gifts will be discovered there – you just need to keep your eyes open.

Unstructured Playtime

Playtime need not be structured in order to successfully help your child grow and learn. Unstructured playtime has been often neglected in the busy world we live in. Strive to make time daily for your child to amuse themselves without any obvious educational goals. When your child creates, explores and finds their own adventures, it will be some of the greatest times they experience, and you will find hidden gifts in each of your children.

Playtime Alone and with Friends

Playtime alone is important and so is playtime with friends. Children act differently in groups than they do when alone. In a group, your child will learn the values of teamwork, compromise, and relationship problem solving. Think you know your child? Put them in a group and see your child in a whole new light. You may find that your child not only works well in a group, but shines with their leadership qualities. By also giving your child playtime alone, you will see what they gravitate towards when they are not required to be giving constant attention to other children.

Observing Habits

When your child plays, their habits will become apparent. Perhaps your child takes many breaks to dance, or is always going back to their building blocks. Maybe they have a habit of asking for someone to play with, or enjoy anything involving bright colors. You can learn a lot about your child’s personality by simply observing them while they enjoy their surroundings.

Exposure to Many New Activities

childs-playExposing your child to many new activities is a great way to let their personality and unique abilities shine through. Let your child try a variety of sports, instruments, hobbies and activities and take note of what they like to spend most of their time on, and what they ask to return to. This will give you a lot of information about what they might excel at when they are older and what areas they are exceptionally gifted in.

Educational Playtime

There is a time and a place for educational playtime. Expose your child to a variety of toys and activities that will help them learn. The skills they gain through this education will help them with the basics such as reading and counting, which will open doors for them to discover even more gifts that may be hidden within them. You may be raising a small but talented scientist or accountant.

Playtime is one of the most important times in a child’s life. It has been said that if children had a job, playing would be that job. It is up to you as a parent to provide your child with many opportunities to play in various situations and atmospheres in order to help them achieve all the potential within them – including their great hidden potential. You as a parent will surely assist in this special and important task that will go with them for the rest of their lives.

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