Find and Organize Your Home Decorating Inspirations

Sometimes you need a change of scenery, and it can be very inspiring to find new decorating ideas for your home and other personal spaces. When you’ve been looking for a change and want to organize the ideas you have found, here are some ways to help you categorize and file them for future use.

Find the Ideas

There are many ways to find decorating ideas. One is by looking through home decorating magazines. These can be found in most chain stores and can often be ordered by a monthly subscription as well.

Another great way to find decorating ideas is to view show homes and furniture stores that have displays. When you see something you like, take a photo with your camera or smartphone and print it out after transferring the files to your computer.

You can also take photos when you’re looking through other types of stores and notice an item you are interested in. Once you have the photo available to view, it becomes much easier to know what may look good in your own home and what may not.

Another great place to find new decorating ideas is the internet. Do a quick Google search such as “decorating ideas”, “home decoration” and other similar word combinations. There are many sites, such as www.houzz.com, which are dedicated completely to the topic and you will be able to find more ideas than you could imagine. On the internet, you can even specify particular color combinations and styles, and find photos of that exact type of decorating.

Organizing Your Ideas By Hand

Buy a new binder, or find a used one. Gather all the printed photos from your excursions, and clippings from your magazines. Find a way to categorize them – generally room by room is a good system. Use scrapbooking supplies to glue or tape the photos to pages that fall into the categories you have decided on, and keep them stored in the binders in their sections.

Organizing Your Ideas on the Computer

If you have found your ideas online, there are a few different ways to categorize them all. The first way is to save the files to folders. You can use one folder for all your photos or make a main decorating folder with other folders inside for your specific categories. Organize by room or by color, or both if you have enough ideas and want an easy way to find them all.

Another great way to organize the photos you have found online is through sites like Pinterest. You can search for photos directly on the site and “pin” the results you like in groupings similar to folders. You can also link to other web pages and add them to your account. This is another easy way to catalogue your results for easy finding later on.

There are many places you can find ideas and inspiration when it comes to home decorating. With so many stores catering to home décor, and a great number of websites doing exactly the same, all you need to do is look and you will find everything and more that you need. Use the above tips to find some home style ideas and begin your decorating adventure today.

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