How to Use Mirrors to Reflect Light in the Home

When light hits a mirror, it bounces off of it and back into the room. This helps multiply the light in the room, and using multiple mirrors can generate all kinds of interesting light effects. But just placing the mirrors randomly won’t work.

Here are my suggestions and tips on how to use mirrors to reflect light.

1. How Light Acts

Some people think that light bounces straight off of a mirror, but actually it reflects off the surface of the mirror at the same angle at which it hits. This is important if you want to position multiple mirrors to reflect light off of each other.

2. Window Light

Place a mirror on the wall opposite a window, and the light that comes in will be reflected off the window, brightening the room. Even if the light from the window does not directly hit the window, the mirror will reflect the window itself.

3. Indoor Lighting

Place mirrors opposite an indoor light source, such as a chandelier, light fixture, or lamp.

4. Bigger Is Better

Wall mirrors

Sources say that you shouldn’t worry about putting a large mirror in a small room. In fact, that’s considered better if you want to bring light into a small room. In fact, it’s no longer considered outdated to do mirrors wall-to-wall, covering a whole wall with them or installing a wall-sized mirror in one room.

Another large-mirror option is to place an oversized mirror on the floor that reaches to the ceiling. It will immediately add light and a brightening effect.

5. Fireplace Light

A reflective, mirrored screen by your fireplace can reflect the firelight and add a warm glow to a darkened room. A mirror over the mantel is another way to create a sense of space and light near your fireplace.

6. Candle Light

Mirror candle coasters reflect the flame’s light and enhance the effect. Placing candles in front of a mirror reflects a romantic glow when the sun goes down.

7. Mirrored Ceilings

Another throwback – mirrored ceilings are a great way to open up a cramped entryway or bathroom. Ceiling lights and lamps are then reflected and the area appears much larger.

8. Dark Walls

If you have a space with a dark wall – such as an area with dark wood paneling or brick – hanging a mirror on that dark wall will reflect the lighter side of the room and add light and balance.

9. Closet Doors

A cramped bedroom can be brightened up considerably by adding mirrored closet doors. These do not have to be expensive, and they do give a sense of space and increase light.

Mirrors have a definite place in decorating. Adding light and space, tastefully-placed mirrors are a significant and affordable enhancement to your home.


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