How to Create a Cool Photo Wall for Your Home

Photo walls are an interesting and fun way to display groups of photos, even photos that you normally wouldn’t put together. There have been many unique ideas for photo walls in recent years, and most work well as long as they reflect your unique and personal decorating style. If you like photo walls, but are unsure how to put one together, this guide will help you get started.

Choose the Photos to Be Displayed

When you are creating a photo wall, the first step is deciding which photos will be showcased. You may be doing a collage of family photos, or romantic moments with the love of your life. Maybe you are making a photo wall of yourself and your friends.

Decide which photos you want to be used and put them together, grouped by the ones you absolutely want, and the ones that are optional. Go through your pile several times, pruning the non-essentials until you have only the photos that you know that you definitely want included. Put them in a pile for now.

You can now decide if you want to edit any of the photos. If they are digital, it makes things easy. You can take each photo and decide if you prefer it in color or black or white. You may want your photo wall to be a mix of both, or choose between color photos and black and white. Even if your photos are prints, technology allows us many options and new ways of making necessary edits to the photos we possess.

Decide Where to Put the Photo Wall

This may be something you’ve already decided on. If you like the idea of a photo wall and simply know you want one, now is the time to choose where your photo wall will be. Take everything into consideration, for example do you want it in a high-traffic area, or a cozy space?

Make Cardboard or Paper Templates

Once you have your final group of photos pruned down to the very best, trace their shapes onto cardboard or construction paper and cut them out. Arrange these templates on the wall, over and over until you find a grouping arrangement that suits your fancy. You will now have an idea of exactly where your photos should sit in the display. If you haven’t yet framed your photos, keep in mind that you will need room for the frames of each.

Frame Photos

Next, you will want to frame the photos you have. They don’t need to be the same frame style – in fact some variety is nice. Whatever you choose, remember that you will want them to look suitable as a cohesive display, so buy or choose accordingly. Put your photos in the frames and you will be ready for the next step.

Hang the Photos

Finally, you are ready to hang the photos on your photo wall. Have all the photos ready and in their frames. Place each one of them where you decided upon. Take a step back and enjoy your photo wall for the first time.

Photo walls are a great way to enjoy your memorable moments on a daily basis. They make your home feel cozy and personal. Your photos walls will be admired by the visitors to your home for years to come. Grab some photos and create your own photo wall today.

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