Top Tips for Perfect Garage Storage and Organization

If you are like most individuals, there are two places in your home that are the catch-alls for everything – the dining room table and the garage. The only good thing about the dining room table being cluttered is that eventually (like when you’re expecting company or before a major holiday) it gets cleaned off.

However, the garage is another story altogether. Probably things from the dining room table are thrown into the garage  as well, especially if you do not have a home with a basement.

There are ways around storage problems and organization for your garage.


Start with a Good Old-Fashioned Purge

Before attempting to organize your garage, it is important to put it in your head that you will purge first. The reason behind this is that if you do not purge, you will wind up simply shifting a set of junk to another side of the garage.

Sometimes you need to do a good old-fashioned purge by yourself. When others help you, you may find they hold on to more junk than you would like to get rid of. Once you have determined what stays and what goes, you can then successfully move on to the organization part of the project.

A good way to determine whether or not to keep something is to take note if you have used it in the past two years. If not, then chances are that you will not use it again in the future.

Using Up Space

One of the best things about organizing your garage is that you are not limited to just floor space – you have access to the rafters and the walls for storage space, too. Use every bit of space available. Hang hooks on the walls to place bicycles on the walls. This is an excellent way to clear up much-needed floor space.

Use the ceilings of your garage to build shelving or place rafters. Then use that area for storage space. This will also clean up precious floor space and maybe you can even put your vehicle in the garage instead of all that stuff.

Those plastic storage bins also work wonders and come in all shapes and sizes. The smaller ones that resemble drawers are excellent for storing screws and nails.

Think about Hiring Someone

If you feel that your garage project is too big for you to handle once you have purged, get some professional help in to give you a hand. There is such a thing as professional organizer and he or she can work wonders with your garage.

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