Ten Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

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Wintertime can be cozy and warm, but it can also make things feel pretty stuffy once spring starts to come. Bringing some freshness into your home is surprisingly simple, and can make a big difference in how you feel and how your home looks.

Here are ten easy tips to freshen up your home – this spring or anytime!

1. Add Color

While repainting a room is one way to do this, we’re talking about easy ways to freshen up! So to add a pop of fresh color, try these ideas:

* Put some colorful throw pillows on furniture
* Put up colorful window treatments and/or drapes
* Brightly-colored placemats and table runners add color to your table
* Decorate with fresh fruit and flowers to add a colorful punch
* Lay down one or two bright throw rugs
* Hang tapestries or throw rugs on the walls for beautiful color

2. Wipe Down Walls

This doesn’t have to be complicated – just a bucket of sudsy water and a sponge, and you can remove years of grime from your walls. It may look like a fresh coat of paint, and it’s a lot easier and cheaper than painting!

3. Polish Wooden Furniture

This not only makes your wooden furniture gleam; it also makes your home smell great. Use something lemon-y for a really bright, clean scent. You can make your own furniture polish using olive oil and lemon essential oil if you like.

4. House Plants

Add some healthy, green house plants to your windowsills and bring a wonderfully lively look to your rooms. Hanging house plants also add drama and greenery. If you choose varieties that clean the air, then you’ll literally be freshening things up by making the air cleaner!

5. Get Rid of Clutter

An easy tip for getting rid of clutter is to invest in some simple, fresh containers like baskets and painted boxes and store your items there.

6. Dust!

It’s amazing how much fresher a room looks after a good dusting. Go over all objects with a duster and vacuum and wash items if necessary.

7. Lighting

Use blue, “outdoor” type lighting in your home to bring a fresh feeling indoors. If you can, make as much use of natural lighting as possible now that winter’s over.

8. Change the Drapes

Take down heavy drapes and put up light, minimal window coverings that let in plenty of light.

9. Put Up Mirrors

Adding a mirror to your space brings light and shiny brightness to a room. Mirrors also make a room look bigger. Add a few and admire the effect!

10. Switch Out Your Wall Art

Do you have wall art sitting in storage? Maybe it’s time to take some down and put up new wall art. You can, of course, buy or make wall art to add a fresh new look.

I hope you have found these tips useful and that they inspire you to take a fresh look at your home!

Photo Credit:  Butterfly Mobiles by ButterflyOrbs

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