How to Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat and Tone Your Legs

You’ve probably head of the desired “thigh gap” and would like to get one yourself if you can. Unfortunately, thigh gaps are totally hereditary. You can’t create one without being of normal weight, having the right genetics, and/or having plastic surgery. But, don’t despair – you can still do a lot to fight and banish thigh fat and get toned legs.

1. Walk – People at all fitness levels can usually walk. Walking is a great exercise for your legs and your entire body. If you want your walk to be extra helpful to your thighs then you should walk and do lunges at the same time. Take along some hand weights to make the exercise work even better.

2. Swim – Swimming works your legs while the water offers resistance. If you cannot swim, you can walk and run in the water, or hold on to the side and kick your legs. All of it will work to reduce your thigh fat and tone your legs.

3. Dance – Nothing is more fun than dancing and it’s also a great way to get rid of thigh fat and tone your legs. You can have beautiful toned legs in no time if you go dancing as often as possible. Take a class, dance around the house, enjoy yourself.

4. Play a Sport – Any sport that keeps you on your feet for long periods of time can build great muscles and help you get rid of thigh fat. But, so can horseback riding. When you ride a horse you have to balance in the stirrups and bounce using your thighs to hold on and balance at the same time.

5. Weight Lifting – Weight-bearing exercise can help, such as the adductor machines you see in gyms. Do these exercises with caution, though. If your thighs are on the heavy side, you actually want to avoid doing exercises that build too much muscle as they’ll just make your thighs look bigger.

6. Exercise at Your Desk – Sitting at a desk can add to flabby thighs. While sitting at your desk you want to be sure to sometimes prop up your feet and stretch your legs. If you can get a standing up desk or a treadmill desk, you can even help thin your thighs while you work.

7. Eat Right – You probably get tired of hearing it, but eating right is an essential component of being a normal weight. It helps combat all kinds of fat, including thigh fat. Cutting saturated fat from your diet, eating as close to nature as possible and shunning processed food can go far in helping you eliminate your body of thigh fat.

8. Stretching Exercises – Ballet, yoga, Pilates, and general stretching and lengthening exercises can go far in helping you to reduce thigh fat and get your legs toned and sexy.

Eating right, exercising, and stretching are all good ways to reduce any type of body fat, including thigh fat. The key with thighs is that if your thighs are already larger than you want, be careful with weight-bearing exercise and focus on stretching and lengthening exercises.

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