8 Ways to Reduce Flabby Arm Fat

When embarking on a weight reducing program, you might find that reducing arm flab is one of the more difficult things to accomplish. The arms seem to get more flabby as you lose weight, and even very toned people seem to struggle with flabby arms. Having said that, here are eight ways to reduce flabby arms.

1. Lose Weight – If you lose body fat by eating less and moving more, you will automatically reduce your flabby arms more than if you try to stay the same weight and reduce flabby arms. At first your arms might feel as if they’re getting more flabby but it’s just that the fat cells have shrunk and you have extra skin. Give your skin time to retract.

2. Stay Hydrated – Staying hydrated can help your skin become more healthy and as you lose weight, the extra hydration will help your skin bounce back and look less flabby and dimply. Many people are chronically dehydrated and it can make you feel and look fatter and more flabby. Try adding water-rich fruit and clear filtered tap water to your diet on a daily basis.

3. Do More Aerobic Exercise – The best way to burn fat is to get your heart pumping and your entire body moving. When walking fast, move your arms back and forth vigorously to help improve and reduce flabby arms faster. Join an exercise class such as a spinning class; not only will you get less arm flab but you’ll end up with a tight bottom too.

4. Perform Weight-Bearing Exercise – Doing dumbbell curls, triceps press downs, push-ups and other weight-bearing exercises that can strengthen the arms, as well as working specific muscle groups in the arms, are great ways to help tone up and reduce flabby arms. Focus on your arms every other day, giving time for them to rest between workouts.

5. Start Swimming – Swimming laps is a great way to improve the look of your arms. It’s a wonderful way to exercise and is fun. It’s a great way to reduce arm flab without having to work up too much of an uncomfortable sweat.

6. Take up Yoga Practice – Yoga is a great way to get an entire body workout, and it can work areas that are normally forgotten. You’ll end up with a leaner frame, thinner arms, and with added flexibility that makes doing other types of exercises easier and more effective.

7. Start a Garden – Gardening requires a lot of weeding, mowing, and other activities that will work your arm flab right off. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of having more healthy hydrating garden produce to enjoy, helping you even further in your efforts.

8. Consider Cosmetic Surgery – While this is an extreme method of spot reducing, sometimes it’s the best way if you can afford it and feel that you can handle the risks. If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, which you’ve kept off at least one year, and you have religiously exercised for a year more, and you still cannot make the flab go away – it might not be possible without the magic of surgery.

Reducing arm flab is something that needs to be continued for a long period of time to see results. There are no fast overnight or even permanent solutions. Even surgery is not permanent unless you stick to your diet and exercise regimen for life.

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