6 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat and Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant in the summer is not any woman’s favorite activity. Women who have survived summer pregnancies and lived to tell the tale, usually do so with lots of drama. It can be downright scary to hear about how awful it supposedly is to be pregnant in summer, especially near the end of your pregnancy. How can you skip the drama and enjoy your last summer before baby arrives, instead of using your time suffering from the heat?

1. Pool Party

This is a great activity to organize when the weather is too hot to bear, and you are already feeling the extra heat of carrying a baby. Plan a pool party and invite your friends, or better yet, your fellow pregnant mamas. You will all be relieved to take a dip in the pool and cool off at this time of the year, and time of life where heat seems to be abundant. Even wearing minimal clothing, such as your bathing suit, helps you cool off and enjoy the summer a little more.

2. Fun Beverages

In order to properly cool off, our bodies need plenty of liquid. Water is your first choice, but there are many ways to up your intake of it without drinking it plain. Use this time to try out as many new beverage recipes as you want. Make herbal tea, cool it off in the fridge and add a few ice cubes and a little apple juice to make a refreshing and tasty drink. Blend frozen juice concentrate with ice cubes and water to create a slushy without the added sugar. Keep the recipes fun and you will find it is easy to consume the liquid you need.

3. New Wardrobe

Enjoy your last stage of pregnancy. Since you will not likely fit into the previous year’s summer wardrobe, it’s a great excuse to grab a few new items to wear. Choose airy fabrics in light colors to keep away the sun’s heat. Baby bellies are beautiful, and now is your chance to show yours off and keep cool all at once, if you so desire.

4. Air Conditioning

When the outdoors is too unbearable, go indoors for some entertainment. Late pregnancy is a great excuse to head to the movies or to your favorite shopping mall. The air conditioning will give you a nice pick-me-up and help you to get through the rest of the day. Avoiding the heat during peak times keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

5. Pedicure

Since it is summer and you will likely be showing off those toes in sandals, why not head to the local salon and get a pedicure? The break will feel great, and the foot massage most salons include feel heavenly on feet that are retaining water and are tired from carrying extra baby weight.

6. Massage

Most massage therapists offer their services to pregnant women, and some even cater specifically to expectant moms. Find a reputable massage therapist, settle down and enjoy a pregnancy massage. This can help ease swelling, soothe strained muscles, and is a nice break for a busy mom-to-be.

Summertime brings intense heat, which can feel brutal to an expectant mother in her final stages of pregnancy. These ideas will give you some relief, and allow you to beat the heat while enjoying this very special time in your life.

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