Refresh Yourself: Scheduling Time to De-Stress

Life in our modern world can get very busy and demanding. Juggling things such as jobs, parenting, and relationships can get the better of anyone who is not taking time to take care of themselves. It is admirable to multitask and to be as productive as possible. However, you do require some time to take care of yourself. How do you find a way to schedule the time you need in order to come back to real life refreshed and stress-free?

Schedule It

When you have a lot of activities on your plate, it is far too easy to put yourself as the last priority. The problem with this is that you are often bumped off the list completely. When you have decided what the most relaxing activity for you is, then mark it in your calendar and keep the appointment with the same diligence that you would any other one. Make a choice to stick to it and not to stand yourself up.

Enlist Help

Perhaps you are a busy mother who finds it hard to ask for help. Maybe you are looking after an aging family member and the responsibility has fallen onto your shoulders. Or perhaps you have a job where everyone unloads their expectations at the last minute and expects you to jump.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Although our society values independence, we do best when we work as a team. People are not always perceptive enough to know when you need assistance, and it is up to you to ask for help when necessary. Don’t be afraid to request it. It is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Prioritize Your Favorite Things

Make a list of all the activities that help you unwind. Decide which ones are your favorites and make plans to schedule them in. Making a list of priorities, even recreational, is a good way to ensure that you will have the time necessary to do what you most desire to.

Babysitting Issues

If you are a mother, you will likely have to deal with the issue of childcare. It can be very difficult to find time for yourself when you are caring for little ones, or even older children. There are a few ways a person can tackle this.

If you have a friend in a similar situation, try arranging a childcare swap. This way you can decide on an amount of time to babysit each other’s children without pay, since each will be giving equally of his or her time. If none of your friends are looking for childcare themselves, consider spending the money to hire a babysitter. It will be well worth what you invest in order to have some downtime.

Bring a Friend

If your idea of de-stressing involves gossiping and fellowship, call one of your good friends and invite them to join you for some relaxation. Laughter is known to be one of the best methods of de-stressing available. Call a friend who you love to be around, or bring someone who enjoys similar activities that you do. It will give you a chance to chase away your problems with a chat and a visit.

Life can be challenging, but we don’t need to live in full-time stress. Take some of these tips and make time to de-stress. You will live more peacefully this way, no matter what life brings you.

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