Is Your Child a Budding Artist? How to Offer Encouragement and Support

A true artist is often an artist from birth. These are the children who are highly creative, and love to imagine. Although the potential for talent is present at birth, a child’s love of art can be encouraged and nurtured by the parent for their maximum benefit. What are some things you as a parent can do to encourage and support your budding artist?

Make Supplies Available

When your child has an interest in art in any form, be sure to keep as extensive a variety of art supplies around as possible. If your child loves to paint, keep brushes and different kinds paint lying around for them to use when the mood strikes. If your little artist is a musician, keep instruments in the living area. When boredom hits, even a child with a passion for art might miss the opportunity to create if they don’t have a reminder nearby.

Give Them a Space

Your budding artist will take pride in their belongings and creations if you give them a special spot to store their supplies. This can be as simple as a little table in their closet, or as elaborate as a special room set aside for this purpose. Buy or build cabinets for their artistic endeavours, and encourage them to decorate this space in a way that inspires them to create.


Even if you feel that you have absolutely no talent in the same area as your child, be a willing and enthusiastic participant. Children love to spend time with their parents, and they are more likely to spend time on their interests when their parents are working alongside them. Whether that means you take up an instrument as an adult, or draw a feeble stick man while your child paints their masterpiece, go ahead and join in. Your child will love it.

Encouraging Words

Choose to be an encourager. When you see your child developing their creative flair, build them up by letting them know how proud you are of them. Speak highly about them and let them know that you notice how hard they are working. When they interrupt you to show you what they’ve been working on, put down what you are doing and really take a good look. Let your little artist know that they inspire you.


There comes a point when even the best parent can only do so much. Unless you happen to be a professional in the area of your child’s artistic interest, find another place for them to expand their skills. If you are fortunate to live in an area where the arts are celebrated, there will be no shortage of classes and courses for almost any interest. If you live out of the city, or in a small town, you may have to go a little further. Do what you need to do to find your child an avenue to grow further in their area of talent.

Being parent to a budding artist brings endless delight. It is inspiring to watch our children develop a passion for a certain area, and pursue it with enthusiasm. It is both fun and a great responsibility to be a parent to a young artist. With these ideas you will know what you can do to encourage and support yours.

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