Is Your Child a Budding Woodworker? How to Offer Encouragement and Support

Woodworking is a wonderful way to teach children how to be resourceful and creative. It is a skill that a child can be taught from a young age and will come in handy their entire life. There are so many things one can do and build when woodworking. When a child shows interest in this area, a parent should do what they can to encourage them. So how does a parent go about encouraging and supporting their budding woodworker?

Safety First

Although woodworking is a great skill for children to learn, it can be dangerous if not given the respect it deserves. Woodworking involves tools, and needs to be regarded as a serious activity and not one to be taken lightly. Equipment such as table saws, jointers, and chainsaws can be a huge hazard to anyone not practicing proper safety measures. Treat everything with respect and care.

Age-Appropriate Tools Available

Balance is essential in all things. And along with strict safety guidelines, one should remember that children want to have fun. It is not going to go over well if you don’t allow your children to use any tools at all. There are plenty of tools, when children are supervised, that can bring hours of enjoyment to your budding woodworker. Be sure to make available to your children the tools they are allowed to get their hands on. Let them practice with hand drills, small hammers and the like in order to really feel a part of it all.

Get Involved

The best way to train your little woodworker is to get in there with them and show them how. Watching you woodworking will inspire your children and give them companionship – something which always makes any job more enjoyable for them. If you don’t know much about woodworking, ask a friend to help out, and stick around and remain available to do any necessary errands for the pair.

Invite Friends

Let your child bring along some friends for a day of woodworking fun. With a group of friends, your child could make plans to build some amazing creations. Each one may want to choose their own project, or perhaps they will get together as a team and make something a little more complex. Either way, they are sure to be left with some great memories.

Woodworking Class

Maybe your best efforts have failed, or you have taken your child as far as you can in woodworking. Look for a local, age-appropriate class that your child can join. A teacher who does this for a living is sure to have many ideas that will stimulate a love of learning for this area in your child. With the creativity, skill, and experience of a professional, your child’s love and interest for their hobby could grow into much more.

Woodworking is a great hobby and can be a lot of fun for a child with an interest in it. If your child has expressed that interest, follow their lead and teach them everything you know. In no time, your budding woodworker will be enjoying much quality time participating in their new skill.

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