Mother’s Day Flowers That Are Beautiful and Everlasting

Moms love to receive flowers from their children. However, even though they will not share this with their children, they do not like watching the flowers wither and die. This Mother’s Day, or for another holiday, your children can give mom beautiful flowers that will not die and will prove to be useful.

Your child will need the following items:

  • A small flower pot, coffee mug or glass vase
  • Silk flowers of different colors
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Craft glue
  • Glass marbles, decorative stones or dried beans

Start by having your child pain the flower pot a solid color. Allow the paint to dry completely. They may also decorate it at this point. Let them decorate it as they see fit, Mom will love it. Your child can also use a large coffee mug or a glass vase.

Adults, cut the stems of the silk flowers so the length is about half of the length of a ballpoint pen. For thick stems, wire cutters may be more appropriate or remove the plastic coating to make cutting easier.

Using floral tape, begin near the wrap the pen until you get to the midpoint of the pen. Then, place the flower along the side of the pen and continue wrapping remaining flower wire to the pen to hold the flower in place.

Continue wrapping the pen until you reach the bottom of the flower. Then, continue wrapping by going back toward the tip of the pen. When you reach near the tip, cut the floral tape and glue the tape end with clear tacky craft glue.

Repeat the above steps with multiple colors of the same type of flower. You could also use different types of flowers. Have your children set the flowers aside as they continue with the craft.

Have the children fill the flower pot with marbles, decorative stones or dried beans. You may want to use something that looks like soil, but it is not necessary. Place the floral pens into the pot so they look like a bouquet.

Another option for this craft is to use floral foam in the flower pot, coffee mug or glass vase. You can glue the floral foam into the container to ensure the pens are held in place.

The benefit of giving Mom a bouquet of floral pens is at least two-fold. Not only does she receive a beautiful floral arrangement, but she also receives unique pens. An added benefit is she will be able to easily find these pens because they can be kept in the flower pot. Furthermore, she will be able to recognize the pen as hers if she chooses to keep one in her purse.

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