Top Six Wedding Gift Tips for a New Bride

When someone you know is getting married, it is great fun to join in the celebrations. Buying a wedding gift is an enjoyable way to get involved in the new couple’s beginnings.

Here are some things to remember when buying a wedding gift for a bride-to-be.

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Must Be Useful

As much as you may love the idea of the latest appliance on the shopping channel, is it something the bride and groom can actually use? When you buy a wedding present, ask yourself if it is useful. And specifically, is it useful to the people you are buying it for?

Must Be Beautiful

Even if the bride has wild personal taste, she most certainly has her own idea of what is beautiful and what isn’t. Be careful not to buy something that anyone could imagine to be ugly. Refrain from quirky gifts like garden gnomes, or anything else that the bride may feel is an eyesore.

Must Be Returnable

No matter how much you think the bride-to-be will love your gift and appreciate your fabulous taste, always include a gift receipt so she can return it if necessary. Even if for no reason other than she changed her mind, it must be returnable. Don’t let your gift become an unused waste of space, and always include a “way out” for the new couple.

On the Bridal Registry

Every now and then, it is permissible to buy something that is not included on the bride and groom’s bridal registry. The best rule, though, is to stick to the list. This will prevent gifting mistakes and is a way to be sure that the new couple will be happy with what you choose to give them. Don’t substitute by buying a cheaper version at a different store.

If you are using the bridal registry, be sure to let the clerk know it is on the registry when you buy it. By notifying them, they can cross it off the bride’s list and it will prevent the gift from being bought by two or more guests.

Don’t Be Cheap

There is no need to go into debt for a wedding gift, but be courteous when shopping. Consider the costs of the meal you will be served at the wedding, and the time and thought the bride has put into everything. Resist the urge to buy cheaply, as the bride will absolutely notice.

Keep Personal Taste in Mind

Everyone is different, and what appeals to you may not appeal to the bride in question. If you know her very well, it is alright to try and bring a special surprise gift. Don’t do this unless you are very close friends, though, as that is the only way to know someone’s personal tastes to an extent where it is safe to venture an educated guess.

Weddings are a delightful time to take part in the union of a new couple. Shopping for the wedding gift should be enjoyable and not stressful. Keep the above ideas in mind so that your gift can be enjoyed by the new couple for many years to come.

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