Six Inexpensive and Creative Bookshelf Ideas

Perhaps you love to read, and have a number of books that have yet to find a home within your home. Maybe you don’t want a huge bookshelf, maybe you don’t have the money to spend on one right now, or maybe you don’t have the space. For whatever reason, you need something out of the ordinary to house your books. Here are some great ideas you can put to use now.

Organized bookshelf

Magazine Holder Shelf

An easy project, and one that works for small to large groups of books depending on your need, is the magazine shelf holder. You can start with one and add as your shelving needs increase. Begin by taking a wooden magazine holder and giving it a coat of stain. Turn it on its side and mount it in any corner where you would like your instant bookshelf. As your book collection grows, simply add more magazine holders either directly above or below. You can also leave space in between for an alternate look.

Ladder Bookshelf

Another easy project is a ladder bookshelf. You can create this by mounting “L” brackets to the wall and attaching the ladder of your choice. Use a new one in any style you like, or an older one for more character. Set the books on the rungs of the ladder.

Dresser Bookshelf

If you already have a dresser to begin with, and some extra room around it, a dresser bookshelf can be a handy and fun way to display books. Buy several spice racks in an even number that match the bookshelf you will be attaching them to. Measure even spacing in between, attach the spice racks down the sides of the bookshelf and your new bookshelf is ready.

Stacked Benches

Another original-looking idea is to stack varying lengths of benches on top of each other. Take several benches, depending on how tall you want the bookshelf to be. Stack them on top of each other, beginning with the longest on the bottom. Stack them until the shortest one is on top. If you want an antique look, use old-style benches and paint each one in a different color.

Book Bookshelf

A creative way to build a bookshelf is to use a book itself. After mounting “L” brackets to the wall, attach a book which will serve as the “shelf.” Be sure to use a book that you will not actually want to read later. Stack your remaining book collection on top of the bottom one.

Wine Crates

Many people have a few of these lying around. If not, you can find them occasionally at liquor stores or even Goodwill. The beauty of this project is you can use varying sizes – there is no need for uniformity. Simply mount them on the wall as desired in a group, and fill with books that are in need of a home.

There are many different ways we can find a new place to store our books. Simply decide which idea is your favorite and create your new bookshelf today. You’ll be the envy of your friends with any of these unique ideas.

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