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Take These Action Steps Right Now for a Better You

To-Do ListThere seems to be a new wave of energy these days where everyone wants to create a better lifestyle. However, thinking about this just is not enough. Deciding what changes need to be made, setting goals, and taking action steps are all required in making real changes that last.


Choosing What It Is You Want in the First Place

You cannot successfully make lasting change without choosing first what it is that you want. Take time to just let whatever your heart’s desire is come to you. You may need to go and meditate or go to a quiet place and center, or you may simply need to take some time practicing being quiet.

Learn how to spend quiet reflective time, keep a journal, and take walks. By doing this, you will open the portals of communication between yourself and your fondest desires and you will come to be acquainted with exactly what area of your life you wish to change.

Once you have established what it is that you want, the rest will fall into place.

Setting Goals

It is best not to set goals that are too big because the harder you set your sights, the harder you may fall. Set goals that are realistic so that you can easily achieve them. In this way, you can go on to set another goal that is a bit higher. For example, if you wish to lose weight, set a goal to start a healthier diet and let the rest fall into place. Do not set a specific number of pounds at first.

Setting a goal that is small and attainable will leap you into setting goals that are a little more difficult and will have better results.

Action Steps

It is essential to write down a clear path of action steps that you will take daily to achieve those goals. Even if it is something as simple as taking a walk, that will lead you into another action step such as taking power walks. Power walks will achieve more muscle tone and get your heart rate going. From there, if you wish, you can graduate to running.

No matter what you do, make sure you take at least one action step per day. It does not have to be a grand action step; it just has to be an action step.


The most important thing about changing your life for the better is to make it known what you are setting out to do. Once you put it out in the universe that you are setting a goal and are clearly intentional about achieving it, you now have others you need to be accountable to other than yourself.

Also, pick one trusted person who will be responsible for asking you about whether or not you did what you said you were going to do. Knowing that you have someone to answer to is always a great way of following through.

With these tips, you can make changes that last and changes that will give you a better life.

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