8 of the Best Outdoor Games for Family Fun

Family playing outdoor gamesOutdoor games are the perfect way of having fun with family and friends as well keeping active and healthy. Some games are great family fun, others perfect for the children, and others ideal for a bit of adult fun. Here some of my favorite outdoor games for you to enjoy.


Family Outdoor Games

Fidget Hand Spinner

The Fidget Hand Spinner is taking the world by storm! If you or your children find yourself fidgeting a lot, you will love this toy. It’s a fantastic toy that can be played outdoors or indoors. It comes in a wide range of colors and the are even transparent ones. The Fidget Spinner spins in high performance bearings and spins for a long time at high speed. Get spinning!

I Spy

I Spy is an age-old outdoor game that family or friends will love. Start by saying,” I spy, with my little eye, something that….” and then fill in the missing words with suggestions that can help the entire family guess the item. It can be a suggestion based on shapes, colors, functions, or a letter of the alphabet.

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag is a game comprising of more than seven people. The objective of the game is to divide the family into two groups, each having a territory and a flag or an item that they hide within a few minutes (2-5 minutes). Then they will move over to the other group’s territory to such for the flag they hid. The first to find the flag or item wins.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a game that will have everyone involved and enjoying every bit of the game. Set items around the campsite in hidden locations a bit far from the main site where the family and friends have set camp. The game will have everyone on their feet enjoying the outdoors as they scavenge for the hidden objects. A few coded clues scattered in various places can be a fun way of helping them figure out where to look next.

Children’s Outdoor Games

Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny is a fun outdoor game that kids can enjoy while around a campfire. Marshmallows are always a must-have when sited at the campfire; carry extra for the game. The kids will put the marshmallows in their mouth, and each child says, “chubby bunny” and to be clearly heard and understood. Once everyone says the word well, everyone adds another marshmallow and says the same word until it becomes hard to say it clearly.

Outdoor Olympics

Outdoor Olympics comprises of more than one game. It is a mini version of the Olympics and can include, tug of war, swimming races, volleyball, relay races, and three-legged race. Less athletic competitions such as skipping stones are a good choice for the smaller kids.

Nature Watch

Nature Watch is a great way for the kids to learn about the wild and still have fun. Select a nature guidebook, one that might have various types of plants or animals. Let the kids go out and explore as they pick plants and take pictures of the different plants and animals they will see in the wild respectively.

Adult Outdoor Games

Where Are The Grapes

Where Are The Grapes is a game where participants should have their hands tied behind their backs with a plate with three grapes placed in front of them. The grapes should be fully covered in cream, and then the participant should dig in with no hand to find the grapes and eat all of them. It can ever be sweeter if the winner is also to be the couple with the least amount of cream on the face.

And here’s a bonus game, my personal favorite..!

Balloon Lift And Pop

Balloon Lift And Pop is yet another fun game for couples. People should be seated in pairs facing each other with their hands behind their backs. A balloon filled with water or air should be on the ground between them. The two should lift the balloon off the ground and pop it without using their hands.

I hope you enjoy these outdoor games for family friendly fun! What are your favorite outdoor games? Please let us known in the comments below.

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