How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Double chin

Being overweight can lead to a double chin, but so can age. Many of the facial muscles responsible for keeping the chin taut are often not used that much, especially as we age. The muscle that causes the double chin, if it’s not associated with excess weight, is called the platysma muscle. Conversely, if the skin surrounding the platysma muscle isn’t supported, it will hang free – causing an appearance of a double chin.

Why Do You Have a Double Chin?

If your double chin is due to weight, ridding yourself of excess weight is an important component to losing your double chin. If your double chin is due to muscle atrophy and age, then you have to take a different approach.

Weight Loss

To lose weight you need to eat right. Eating too many calories that cause weight gain can contribute to a double chin. Try eating as close to nature as possible and ridding your diet of processed food, candy, soda, and junk. If that doesn’t help, count your calories and try not to eat more calories than you need to maintain a healthy weight.


There are facial exercises that you can do to help combat a double chin if your double chin is related to muscle atrophy.

Vowel exercise – Open your mouth really wide and in a very exaggerated way say the vowels of the alphabet. A. E. I. O. U. Do this about ten times, then take a break and do it again up to three repetitions.

Tongue exercise – Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth trying to spread your tongue out across the top of the roof without pressing into your teeth at all. You should feel the bottom of your chin get tight. Do ten repetitions of this exercise.

Lizard face exercise – Sometimes you have to make an ugly face for attractive results. Press your lips together, without your teeth clashing, and tighten your chin over and over. Try ten repetitions, and do up to three sets.

Chewing gum – That’s right, you can turn something you probably used to like to do into exercise for your face. Gum chewing works the muscles that are often left unused to help reduce a double chin.

A Little Nip and Tuck

Sometimes if the double chin is not just from muscles atrophy or being overweight but is simply age related, or genetic, then you might want to consider a little medical help. There are some low invasive procedures today for getting rid of the waddle.

Chin liposuction – To do liposuction your doctor will insert a hollow rod with a vacuum-like component into the area you want to reduce. The doctor will carefully sculpt away your double chin. Healing is pretty fast after liposuction, and it can do wonders for your profile, with healing within five days.

Before going under the knife, make sure that you’ve tried alternatives first. You can also usually get a low cost or free consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can let you know for sure whether or not your double chin is genetic, weight related, or age related.

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