How to Host a Girlfriend Getaway to Remember

Every so often it’s a nice, relaxing break to get away with your closest girlfriends. A girlfriend getaway can be a great time to focus on friendships that may have been neglected in the busy times of life. You can go with one best friend, or a group of close friends. Either way, with a little bit of planning, you are sure to have a great time. How can you know whether you are prepared and organized enough to pull it off when you are the one in charge of planning?

Decide Who Will Go

Are you looking for some time to spend with one friend – perhaps your best friend or someone else you know whose dream destination is the same as yours? Or are you looking for a group getaway, with enough ladies to make the trip more varied and upbeat? Decide what you are looking for in this getaway, and make your choice from that point.

If you plan to take a group of ladies, be sure that they are all friends who either know each other well, or at least have met and get along. There is nothing worse than arriving at a beautiful location, only to realize your entire time is going to be spent feeling torn between friends or breaking up catfights.

Get Everyone’s Input

When you are organizing a girlfriend getaway, find out where everyone would like to go. You can ask for everyone to name their favorite place and take a vote, or give them a list of places to choose from and make the final choice.

Find out what each friend’s perfect vacation consists of, and see if there is anywhere that you can bring it all together. Find a hotel that you all feel comfortable staying at. If anyone has children, give your friends time to talk to their significant others and arrange childcare for the time they will be gone.

Have a Payment Plan Arranged

When you are the one doing the planning, you do not want to end up on the hook if someone else changes their mind after tickets have been bought, etc. If you are purchasing all tickets together, get a substantial deposit from everyone to ensure that no one will back out at the last minute. You can also speak to a representative from a travel company who can take everyone’s payment separately so that each person is responsible for their own arrangements.

The Fun Stuff

Once you have decided on a location and taken care of the financial side, it is time to get to the details of your getaway. Collect brochures from your destination of choice and look online at travel websites. Send links to your girlfriends so that every person knows what activities are available so you will all be able to decide on what to do with your time. Make a list of both essentials and options.

Don’t Stress

The main point of a girlfriend getaway is to relax and have fun with each other. Try not to let the planning, small details, or little disturbances in your trip get you down. Focus on enjoying yourselves and include both group time and alone time. Try not to get into petty arguments and keep focused on why you are there.

Girlfriend getaways are a great time for bonding, relaxing and having fun with your closest friends. Take some time to plan it well. It will be worth all the effort.

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