Six Ways to Plan the Perfect Church Wedding

Church Wedding

If you have the dream of a church wedding, here are some ideas to help you plan one.

1. Choose your church

Most may decide to get married at their home church. If you don’t presently attend one, you may turn back to your childhood church as the place to hold your wedding. Contact the church and investigate whether they hold weddings. Some churches may not but most do. If there is a large congregation, you might want to be sure that the schedule is free around the time that you are thinking about having your nuptials.

2. Discuss particulars with the minister

Most churches require a series of pre-wedding sessions called premarital counseling for the happy couple. This ensures that the minister thinks that they are ready to embark on the journey of marriage together. This counseling can take several weeks so be sure that there will be enough time to complete it before the wedding date.

3. Discuss rules for use of the church

Depending on the décor of the church, some require little additional decoration. Others may only allow a certain amount of decoration to be done for a wedding. Knowing this ahead of time can help you plan your budget for decorations. Also, you will need to know when the church is open for rehearsals.

4. Reception

Does the church have a fellowship hall? If so, is it available for you to use for your wedding reception? More decorations are usually allowed here to suit the needs of you and your wedding party. In a church, liquor is not allowed so you may want to move to another location if your guests want to imbibe.

5. Ask about fees

If you are currently attending the church, the amount needed for the facility and the minister might be less than if you were someone walking in off the street. Still, the cost is usually less than renting another venue for the wedding.

6. Discuss the order of service

Will you be allowed to use your own vows or use singers for the musical selections? Find out how you can arrange the ceremony and if the church has any rules about that.

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