The Number One Thing Guys Want from Their Woman and How You Can Give It to Him

Man and women in loveWhat one thing does a man really want from his woman? It’s something that is desirable enough for a song to have been written about it and skyrocket to longstanding popularity. This one thing is respect.

Respect is one of those things that is a deciding factor as to whether a relationship will work or not. Although both men and women want and need respect, men are especially tuned in to whether they feel it coming from their partner. Many men would rather feel unloved by their partner than disrespected. When a man doesn’t feel respected, a relationship will tend to fade rather quickly.

Tell Him

One sure way to let your guy know you respect him is to tell him. Use your words to remind him of how much you respect him, his choices and lifestyle. This will encourage him and strengthen your bond. Be sincere when you tell him, but remember to do it every now and then. It will be like music to his ears.

Show Him

If you have respect for your partner, it will manifest in how you treat him and act around him. When you don’t respect someone, you subconsciously treat them with contempt and disdain. Holding respect for your partner will naturally make you act comfortably with him and cause you to interact more positively. You can also make a point of showing him how much you respect him by listening to him when he speaks, and taking his words and thoughts to heart.

Don’t Knock Him in Public

One of the worst things you can do to your relationship is to disrespect your boyfriend in public. Saying cruel things about him, gossiping or humiliating him is a one-way ticket to singlehood. When you speak about your partner, filter your words through the sieve of kindness and discretion.

Think the Best

If you say you respect your husband, but you constantly think the worst of his motives, you are lying. When we respect someone, we will assume their good intentions by default. Show your respect by assuming the best and not the worst, even when a disagreement between you occurs.

Be His Partner, Not His Second Mother

No man wants to feel like his wife is treating him like her child, yet many women make this mistake. Show respect to your husband as an equal. Do not automatically assume you have more knowledge on certain issues. He may surprise you with the things he knows. And even when he makes a mistake, bring it to him gently. Never use an “I told you so” tone or way of speaking as this symbolizes the breakdown of respect in the relationship.

We all want respect, and it’s something we all deserve. When you are in a relationship it can be easy to think of your own needs before the other person’s. We need to remember that there are certain things that can make or break a relationship, and respect is one of them. Your husband or boyfriend needs your respect in order to feel safe and valued by you. Give him that assurance and see how far it takes you.

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