How to Safely Raise Your Kids in The Digital Era

One of the great things that humans have gifted fellow humans with is technology. However, it’s important that children are protected from the potential dangers that this digital world brings.

It is through technology that great minds have come up with brilliant inventions that have proven extremely useful to our everyday lives. What you can achieve through technology can be liberating but it can also be bring you certain problems when misused, particularly when it comes to kids. That is why it is important to guard and control the way your child uses technology.

Kids everywhere have adopted the tech lifestyle and most of them are required to use technology one way or the other at school. Hence, trying to protect your child from the dangers of technology by banning their use of digital devices will not work. Instead of taking that route, find proper ways of ensuring your child is safe from bad online influences and make sure they adhere to the online safety regulations you set for them as they continue using their digital devices.

One of the main concerns you may have about your child using the internet is that they can be exposed to cyberbullying, negative influences that encourage bad behavior, etc. However, you can control and monitor what your child views online, you can block certain websites that are not suitable for their age and keep them safe. Isn’t it wonderful to know that the same technology that can have a bad influence on your child has also made it possible to protect your child from the negative impact?

In the right hands, and used the right way, technology can have a positive impact on your child’s life.

Here are some ways of protecting your children from negative online influences.

  1. Monitor their online activities.

You can allow your child to continue using technology and still raise him or her right. Get rid of the anxiety you have concerning their online safety by protecting their online presence and usage. Make use of the best parental control software available to any parent anywhere and control the kind of websites they visit. One great feature you can find from parental control software is the ability to monitor your child’s online activities.

  1. Set rules.

If you have tried almost everything to get your child to get off their phone or obey other online regulations you have set, begin setting rules by writing them down. Make sure everyone is aware of the rules and place them somewhere where everyone in the house can see them. Always penalize misconduct and reward good behavior.

Online safety rules can include: not browsing adult content, sticking to the list of allowed websites, and carrying out new research (from school) under supervision. You must specify when it is appropriate for your children to use their devices and also specify when they should put them away. For example, they cannot bring their digital devices to the dinner table for whatsoever reason.

  1. Talk to them about their online experiences.

Talk to your child about the dangers of misusing technology. Ensure he or she understands that not everyone who presents himself friendly online is their friend. Talk to them about being careful of who they become friends with online (if your child is old enough to have a social media account). The ideal age is 14 years and above.

If your teenage son or daughter experiences online bullying, talk to them about it, and take the right step. Encourage him to talk about what he is going through and explain that it is the only way you can be able to put an end to the bullying. Don’t forget to remind your child that he is not defined by people’s opinions. Instead, he is defined by how he behaves, how he responds, the person he is on the inside, and the man he wants to become.

  1. Limit the time they spend online.

If your child spends too much time on her laptop or mobile phone, she is bound to fail in other areas of her life. For example, socializing and making friends. So, limit the time they spend online or on their device and encourage other activities such as physical exercise and being with friends.

  1. Take interest in their online influencers.

Online influencers are making big changes in people’s lives and they should be celebrated for that. However, not all influencers can have a positive impact on your child’s life. Hence, start following your child’s online influencers and make sure you talk to him or her extensively about the dangers of listening to negative influences.

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