Why Recess Is Still Important in Homeschooling

One of the benefits of homeschooling is flexibility when it comes to scheduling. A parent can decide when they want the daily studies done by and get to work. Sometimes though, we get caught up in just wanting to get things done, and we forget that we and our children still need breaks. It is not healthy or a good idea to push through each day without a chance to rest. Even in homeschooling, recess is still important and here is why.

Rest the Mind

Learning can be both fun and tedious. When a child is learning difficult or simply new concepts, the brain can become overloaded. It is important to remember that breaks are an important part of school, and that after a break your child will be more likely to continue with greater enthusiasm.

Move the Body

If your teaching style includes long periods of sitting, it is especially important to include recess for your child. Give them a chance to get up and run around. Playing is an important part of childhood and something that should be done every day. Give your child ideas on games they can play, or let them use their imagination to create their own.

Change of Position

It is unhealthy to sit in one position for too long. Recess is a good time to shift and change positions. After your child’s recess break, find a new place for them to sit and do their school. This will stimulate them to be ready for another learning experience, and help them not to become tired of being in the same place for too long.

Change of Company

As a homeschooler, you are likely with your child for most of the day. Teaching and parenting lead you to spend lots of time with your child, which is both desirable and beneficial. It is, however, wise to take a small break. Recess is the perfect time to do that. Give your child an opportunity to play alone or with siblings, and they will be ready to greet you when their break has ended.

Snack Time and Water Break

In order to maximize a child’s potential to learn, their physical hunger must be satisfied. Dehydration can also lead to problems with concentration in children and adults alike. When the last meal has worn off and your child is finding it hard to focus, they may be ready for a snack and a drink of water. Recess is a great opportunity to figure out what your child needs to be able to continue learning efficiently.

Rest for Teacher

Even adults need a break sometimes. Teaching your child is a wonderful opportunity as well as a joy. Even the most ambitious and enthused teacher needs a break, though. Use your child’s recess to do everything for yourself that you would do for your child. Get a drink of water and a small snack, do five minutes of exercise, or take a quick nap. You will find yourself ready to face the remainder of the day with energy when you rest as needed.

Recess is typically thought of as something done in public schools. It is still important for homeschoolers, though. Work a few recess breaks into your daily schedule and you will see productivity rise. Recess is great for everyone.

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