Parenting Skills Checklist – How are You Doing?

Parenting is a job that is always changing and has a lot of dips and turns. How can we know if we are navigating the waters properly? Is there any way to figure out if we are doing a decent job of raising our children?

If we are willing to be honest and give ourselves an assessment every now and then, it is good for everyone involved. It can help us as parents get back on track when we’ve managed to get distracted, and to encourage us when we are being too hard on ourselves.

So, here’s the checklist!

1. I do my best to set a positive home atmosphere, rather than a negative one.

2. I make a point of verbally affirming my children every day.

3. I let my children know I am proud of them.

4. I communicate to my children that there is nothing they could ever do to make me stop loving them.

5. I teach and role model for my children to value and appreciate the uniqueness of every person.

6. I monitor my children’s friendships and get to know everyone involved in my children’s life.

7. I know where my children are, and who they are with, at all times.

8. I educate my children on important topics, such as safe versus unsafe people, and what to do in an uncomfortable situation.

9. I assure my children that any concern they have will be taken seriously by me, and followed up with resolution.

10. I take the time to listen to what my children have to say, knowing that because they are telling me, it is important and deserves my attention.

11. I encourage my children verbally when I notice they are making good choices.

12. I provide my children with an environment that encourages good sleep habits.

13. I teach and role model the importance of good nutrition to my children.

14. I incorporate exercise into my children’s daily schedule and set a personal example for them.

15. I provide an environment of stability in all areas, in order for my children to grow and thrive.

16. I take care of my children’s health through research and regular visits to the dentist, and the doctor when necessary.

17. I set reasonable rules and expectations for my children and myself, and am firm about them being followed.

18. I help my children grow to become the strong, independent young person I hope they will someday become.

19. I find opportunities to say positive and encouraging things about my children to others when my children are within earshot.

20. I teach my children a balance of respect for authority and standing up for themselves.

21. I try to incorporate fun into daily life and make family life as joyful as possible.

22. I know my children are watching me every single moment of every day and are learning how to live their lives by my example. Because of this, I set an example of personal integrity in all areas, even the small ones, at all times.

23. I acknowledge I am human, and am willing to get help and seek resources when needed.

Although parenting is not an easy task, it is important that we stay focused on priorities. Use this checklist every so often to be sure that you are keeping yours in order. You and your children will be all the better for it, and perhaps one day they will even thank you.

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